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20 October 2016

Daniel Radcliffe to star in drama Beast of Burden

A new film! The Tracking Board has the exclusive news that Daniel has the starring role as a drug smuggler in the drama Beast of Burden. Jesper Ganslandt is directing and the script comes from Adam Hoelzel. The film is currently in pre-production.
The film focuses on Sean Haggerty (Radcliffe), a character who’s used to lying and keeping secrets from everyone, including the feds, the cartel, and even his wife, Julie. But now he’s ready to get out of this illegal business — after he finishes carrying 55 pounds of cocaine across the border in a small aircraft. Provided he can survive when he lands, of course.
source: tracking-board,com

18 October 2016

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe co-executive producer of Circus Kid

Daniel is listed as a co-executive producer of Lorenzo Pisoni (Equus, New York)'s documentary film Circus Kid together with Karen Lehner. A Young Doctor's Notebook co-star Jon Hamm is listed as one of the producers. It will premiere at the DOC: NYC Festival in November. You can check a teaser trailer on the film's website right here:

Update: 19th October 2016. Message via Daniel's official Google+ page.
I have the honour of being Executive Producer on a brilliant documentary made by my friend Lorenzo Pisoni who I worked with when Equus was on Broadway. He is an extremely talented performer and filmmaker and it has been a massive pleasure to be able to support him in his quest to bring his vision to the screen.

Anyway, it’s going to be playing at DOC:NYC in November! So if you are going to be in New York on either November 15th or November 17th and would like to see an awesome documentary about fathers and sons and circuses you can get tickets at this website:

And if you’d just like to know more about the movie and see a trailer you can go to

Hope you get a chance to see it!

Dan X
As a child, Lorenzo Pisoni worked with his father, Larry, as his clown partner for years. As an adult Lorenzo has come to realize that he doesn't know his father as a person at all. Circus Kid follows Lorenzo as he pieces together what it was like to grow up working in the ring with a his father, the clown, as a way of understanding his father, the man.

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The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

12 October 2016

BuzzFeed UK: How to survive a desert island with Daniel Radcliffe

More from BuzzFeed UK. How to survive a desert island with Daniel Radcliffe. Here's the other interview in promotion of Swiss Army Man in case you missed it.

What three books would you take with you?
Dan: The Master and Margarita, because it’s my favourite book, and I feel like I could reread it a lot more times. Probably then also some sort of survival guide, so I could, y’know, find out how to make a fire, because I definitely can’t. And what about…a dictionary, or an encyclopaedia, there we go, so I can look stuff up, like, “Is this berry going to kill me?”

What three types of snack would you take with you?
Dan: The three types of snack I’d take with me on a desert island would be… Some sort of bottomless bucket of ice cream that never runs out. Some sort of meat. Like, I don’t know, bacon. Is that a snack? Do you just have bowls of bacon at parties? Yeah, bacon. Ice cream, bacon, and something else that’s super healthy. Cheese. Some nice cheese.

I’m on a desert island, who am I trying to impress?

OK, this is a stretch. If you could take a phone or tablet with you that had enough battery life to watch one film, but you weren’t allowed to call anyone because you don’t have any service, what movie would it be?
Dan: For similar reasons to Master and Margarita, there’s a film called Matters of Life and Death, with David Niven. It was made in the late forties, and if you haven’t seen it, you have an incredible treat ahead of you. It’s one of the most magical and beautiful, amazing films ever made.

You also have enough battery life to listen to one album. What would it be?
Dan: One album?! Oh, my god. That’s really hard. There’s part of me that just wants to pick my favourite album, but then there’s a part of me that wants to be like, “What’s good on a beach?”

I’ll go with the Pixies and “Doolittle”, because there’s a good mix of stuff on there.

Would you rather have to hunt or forage for your food?
Dan: I guess I’d have to hunt, rather than forage, because the things I’d be foraging would be like, fruit and nuts, and that’s going to get really boring really quickly. So if I wanted actual meat – which, as you can tell, is a theme for me – then I would have to hunt.

If you could choose one famous person to be stuck on a desert island with, who would it be?
Dan: Somebody very strong. The Rock! So, you know, he could carry stuff and help me survive. He seems like he’d be very capable in that kind of environment. I’m not really built for that sort of environment. And, you know, if I needed stuff from the tops of trees I could stand on his shoulders and climb, I’m quite agile. I could also get into small places that he couldn’t. I feel like it would work well.

picture source: Laura Gallant

Daniel: "I'm afraid of not being able to be on film sets for the rest of my life"

Below you find two interviews you could have missed in promotion of Swiss Army Man and Imperium. Both films are out in UK cinemas now. Thanks to Ask Men UK and BBC Three for sharing.

Then you also could have missed InStyle UK's article "11 times Daniel Radcliffe was a totally stellar guy", thanks to InStyle for the heads up.

Ask Men UK - full interview here

What are you afraid of?

Not being able to be on film sets for the rest of my life – if somebody turns up tomorrow morning and says “Oh, I’m sorry, you’ll never be able to act again, we’re taking your career away from you.” I know it’s not a rational fear, but just that general fear of, I guess, failure and not being able to do the thing that I love doing. I think it’s a broader fear that a lot of actors have when everyone’s like, “Oh my god, I’m going to get found out and then no one’s going to put me in things, and then I’ll never be able to do the things that I love.”

When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday, watching the Brownlee brothers chuck each other over the line – that ended me, I was in bits. To me, that’s everything that’s most exciting about sport, those moments when you see these amazingly talented people that we tend to view almost as being separate species, because they’re physically so different from the rest of us, suddenly looking so incredibly human but still extraordinary. I was a wreck.

BBC Three - full interview here.

Hi, Dan. In Imperium, you play an FBI agent who infiltrates a radical white supremacy terrorist group. In Swiss Army Man, you play a dead body who washes up on shore. Um, aren’t you tired of getting so typecast? [Laughing] Yeah. It’s a real issue. I think weird begets weird. The more interesting stuff I do, the more interesting scripts I get sent. But, I’m just very lucky that people give me these opportunities to do these weird, different things.

You shave your head in Imperium and get your notably hairy arse out in Swiss Army Man…

[Thinking]… Right, yes. Or is it the other way round…?

Would you have rather grown your hair and shaved your bum?

Ha. No. I’ve shown my arse so much,* I really don’t care any more. I really enjoyed the shaved head. It was fucking great. Everyone should do it once, to see how easy it is.


09 October 2016

Zurich Film Festival: Sven Bänziger photoshoot

Photos from a photoshoot by Sven Bänziger taken during the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) in promotion of Imperium. (via Instagram).

picture source: Sven Bänziger

08 October 2016

Victor Frankenstein: Alternative film posters

Film poster designer Scott Woolston has shared some of his Victor Frankenstein work on Instagram. You can see his alternative film posters below. For more check out his portfolio website.

picture source: Scott Woolston