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24th October, London. Horns promotion

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Coming in October (US/UK) and November (NL).

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25 Oct 2014

Daniel Radcliffe attends MCM London Comic Con: Horns panel and signing

Daniel attended the MCM London Comic Con yesterday to promote Horns. There is a short video from the Horns panel below. Afterwards there was a signing for a select group of fans. Find more photos via Mcm Buzz magazine on Facebook and thanks to Yaffa Meskell photography (photo below) & Steve Munden (photo from the signing) for sharing photos with on Twitter.
Daniel revealed that he only read Joe Hill’s book upon which Horns is based after he got the part of Ig. “It’s a fantastic book and I’m sure we have many fans of the book here.” He revealed that things have changed in this adaptation but declared that fans of the book “will love the film.”

When he initially read the script for Horns, Daniel focused a little too much on the comedy, and was excited about one particular sequence. “When Ig goes to the hospital and tries to get the horns removed, I just thought it was really, really funny.”

picture source: Sarah Tsang and Kay Ibrahim (Mcm Buzz magazine)
Yaffa Meskell Photography

24 Oct 2014

Horns press junket interviews (UK)

A few days left and Horns will be in cinemas in the UK (29th October). Here are some press junket interviews recorded in London. There's one video from Sunrise in Australia and you can find MTV UK's interview on Facebook. He also talks about visiting the Star Wats Episode VII set. I will add more below if they appear online.

23 Oct 2014

Daniel Radcliffe on Capital FM Breakfast Show

Daniel did visit Capital FM London's Breakfast Show with Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon to promote Horns and did play "Celebrity Tinder". You can currently view the video here on their website. Scroll down for photos of Dan signing autographs for his fans at BBC Radio 1.
Admit it, you're on Tinder, you're addicted to the swiping game, and you want to inspire others to join in. Stranger to Tinder, Daniel Radcliffe, was introduced to the app by Capital's Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon, and given some tricky options.

Nicki Minaj was a definite yes from the former Harry Potter star, swiping right straight away.
World famous author JK Rowling unfortunately didn't fare so well, getting a left swipe.
"I adore you Jo, but not in that kind of way" Daniel justified.

Former co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint also didn't fare so well, apparently finding it "way too weird!"

Lisa Snowdon, thanks to her playing the bum-bum-bongos with DanRad last year, was an instant yes, joining the ranks of Nicki and, eventually, Olly Murs' mum!

Photos via SAV/GC Images:


21 Oct 2014

Daniel Radcliffe on Lorraine and Capital FM Breakfast

To continue with the promotion for Horns: Daniel did visit Lorraine yesterday, but because of a fire alarm the show got pushed forward and Daniel's interview did air this morning. Then second there's also the interview from Capital FM East Midlands Breakfast Show with Tom and Claire.

@HelenHandMakeUp: First 3 back in2 @ITVLorraine studio after #Firealarm #ITV #Evacuation thank u 4 being a good sport #DanielRadcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw

Daniel was a special guest on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw this morning. If you missed it live you listen back to their chat on BBC's website (available until 4 weeks after the broadcast) or watch the videos below.

picture source: BBC Radio 1

20 Oct 2014

Horns London premiere

Daniel Radcliffe did attend the London premiere of Horns today at Odeon West End together with Juno Temple. Then talking about Horns, there are three four, including this one, new Google+ updates from Daniel's official page: the photos from below taken in London, two photos directed to the US: "See #horns in theaters October 31. Watch it now #itunesstore #amazon #joehill #devil"
"Posing next to posters of films I'm in will never get old." -DR #hornsmovie   #joehill
Having a good time with fans! #horns #joehill #premiere  
I will add more videos if they appear online:
Videos from Loose Lips, and Getty Images. Some more photos are on Facebook via Fright Club UK & Red Granite Pictures.

picture source: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

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