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22 Aug 2014

BBC Radio 2's The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, BBC Scotland's The Culture Studio and more

First off , Daniel did visit BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans Breakfast Show this morning where he discussed What If. Other guests were -Dan's co-star from A Young Doctor's Notebook- Jon Hamm and Ruby Turner. You can listen to the audio until a week after the broadcast, (Dan at 1:51) and don't forget to download the podcast (for 30 days available). Then second there is also BBC Radio Scotland's The Culture Studio with Janice Forsyth which aired yesterday. Also here you have until a week after the broadcast to listen to the audio.

Then third there is also another interview in which Daniel talks about What If from, with thanks to John Mosby for sending the link to his interview.

header picture source: Catherine More

21 Aug 2014

What If Sky Movies special

Sky Movies sat down with Daniel Radcliffe to talk about What If.

NOW magazine photoshoot and interview

Daniel is on the cover of Toronto's NOW magazine in promotion of The F Word. Below you find a part from the interview, you can read the rest at the magazine's website.

From the outtakes (read here): On the importance of the internet in his life
“There’s an instructional video on how to do anything you want on YouTube. Like, I got stuck on a game once, on some level, and just typed it into YouTube, and literally someone was there, and I could watch the whole level be played through. I was like, ‘Ah, brilliant! Thank you! Someone’s done this for me.’ That’s what I like about Google: someone’s always asked the question before you get there. I like typing it in – when you think you’ve got a really weird question and you start typing and the rest of it comes up? You think, ‘Ah, I’m not the first one to ask this.’”
From the interview:

“I don’t get actors who don’t promote films,” he tells me the next day, sitting in a suite at the Trump Hotel. It’s immediately noticeable that in the two years since we last spoke, when he came to town with The Woman In Black, the compact Radcliffe has gone from “reasonably fit” to “almost insanely toned.”

“I’m like, ‘Well, why did you do the movie? Did you do the movie so you could tell people you’d done the movie, or so that people would go and see it? Do you want people to go and see it?’
“Actors’ attitude toward [doing] press is always like, [moaning] ‘Oh, I don’t want to do it. I’m tired. I want to do something else.’ No! Everyone else who worked on that film, all the other people you worked with on that set, who worked just as hard as you, want people to see this movie as much as you do, and want their work seen just as much as you do.

“But nobody’s gonna do an interview with the head of our camera department, so it is up to the actors and the director to go and bang on the table for your movie you all made together. For me, you see it through to the end.”

picture source: Michael Watier

20 Aug 2014

What If press junket interviews (U.K.)

More What If press junket interviews. These are from the U.K. which I had not posted yet and there is still more to come. Daniel did also talk about the death of Robin Williams in the first video below from Mail Online. If more appear online I'll add them here. Below you can also find the video from Ode and if you did send in questions with hashtag #AskDanielRadcliffeODE via Twitter, check it out to see if yours is answered.

What If is now playing in cinemas in the U.K.

19 Aug 2014

Daniel Radcliffe attends What If Apple Store, Regent Street Q&A

Daniel did attend the Meet the actor Q&A for What If yesterday at the Apple store in Regent Street, London. Photos below and watch the video on iTunes or below.

picture source: Ray Tang/REX

Updated: The What If promotion continues: Radio interviews and Good Morning Britain

More news of Daniel promoting What If. First off there is the news of Daniel visiting BBC Radio 1 this morning where he played "Innuendo Bingo" with Chris Stark from the Scott Mills Show (a photo here). Second, there is the interview from Good Morning Britain. Then third, there is XFM Radio's Breakfast Show with Jon Holmes where Daniel played "Band or Barbara Cartland novel?" And you can also find the interview from Today FM's The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show online, plus you could have missed On with Mario Lopez.

Update: 21st August 2014. Another video from BBC Radio 1 called "Daniel Radcliffe reacts to Dev's romance showreel" below. You can find the audio from Scott Mills here.