Latest Photoshoot: Toronto Star and Toronto Sun

This is a photo by Chris So, Toronto Star. The F Word promotion.

Latest appearance: San Diego Comic-Con

25th July, San Diego. Promoting Horns

Calendar: What If (The F Word)

release this August.

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27 Jul 2014

Photoshoots: Toronto Sun & Toronto Star

New photos from the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star in promotion of The F Word. These were all taken on his birthday, 23rd July, at the Trump Hotel in Toronto.

Toronto Sun (picture source: Ernest Doroszuk)

Toronto Star (picture source: Chris So)

More Horns stills

More stills and one behind the scenes photo from the supernatural thriller Horns have been released online by U.S. distributor Radius-TWC which you can view below.


More stills:

picture source: Doane Gregory

The London magazine: photoshoot + interview

Daniel Radcliffe is on the cover of the new The London magazine August 2014 issue in promotion for What If. It features photos from a new photoshoot for the magazine. You can read the full interview on the magazine's website.

Outside work, he lives a low-key life.  “I have never been to a premiere of a film I wasn’t in, because I prefer to see films at the cinema, without fucking hundreds of people shouting at me. Everyone gets papped sometimes, and you can’t control that. But the more you put yourself out there, the less right you’re going to have to say: ‘I don’t want to talk about that’.”

Has he slain those Potter-era demons that whispered he’d never work again? He looks at his shoes. “I always knew people were saying it. But I also knew I was more prepared for a long-haul journey than anyone thought. Not every film I do is going to be a success; probably none will come close to the commercial success of Potter. But  I am always going to be an actor.”
picture source: Bella Howard

26 Jul 2014

Daniel Radcliffe attends San Diego Comic-Con: Horns trailer and more

Daniel arrived at the San Diego Comic-Cont (San Diego Convention Center) in California yesterday -dressed up as Spider-man- where he promoted Horns together with Alexandre Aja and writer Joe Hill. They did debute the new trailer for Horns which you can see below plus Daniel's interviews during Comic-Con and more. Keep an eye on this post because if more arrives online I will update this post.

The trailer:

Via Daniel's Google+: Bye bye Toronto and thank you! Until next time. #thefword, Hello San Diego!  & Spider-man (shared via this site's profile):

 RADiUS-TWC Horns panel (they did sing Happy Birthday for him). Via Daniel's Google+: #Horns Hall H #sdcc2014 #joehill #alexandreaja (shared via this site's profile):
- A video


Other interviews & photos:
- Photos: Entertainment Weekly Radio/ SiriusXM, photo 2. Audio: - Photo: Entertainment Weekly portrait
- Photos: Croq's The Kevin & Bean Show live broadcast. Audio: podcast
- Photos: Movies on Demand
- Photo: The Insider

MTV News  Livestream (see a snapchat selfie here):


Rotten Tomatoes podcast: (Dan at 31:55, a photo here)

picture source: Joe Scarnici & Kevin Winter/Getty Images

24 Jul 2014

Horns poster + new stills

The official poster for Horns has been released via IGN to mark Daniel's Comic-Con debut this year which you can view below. Talking about Horns you could already have checked out a new still featuring Ig and Merrin on this site's Facebook page. Another still has been posted by too.

Daniel will appear on IGN Live at Comic-Con Friday, July 25th at 1:15pm PST. Take a look at the full IGN Live schedule!


picture soure: Doane Gregory

Daniel Radcliffe on The Morning Show & Kiss 92.5 + What If clips

Daniel did visit The Morning show and Kiss 92.5's The Roz & Mocha Show yesterday on his birthday to promote The F Word in Canada. And then there are more What If clips released by U.S. distributor CBS Films. With thanks to Andpop you can view another clip here.

The Morning Show (see a photo here)

Kiss 92.5 (see a photo here)
Edit: another photo via this site's Facebook page.

Unedited audio:

The Clips: