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31 May 2007

Universal Studios to open Harry Potter Themepark

Universal Studios and Warner Brothers made a announcement this evening from Leavesden Studios on the set of Dumbledore's Office to reveal that a Harry Potter theme park is currently in development. (for 2010) It will be called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and would be set in Universal Orlando Resort, Florida.

The park will be tailored for those ages 7 to 67, with thrill rides so intense and engaging. You can walk through Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest and much more. To read more about and sign-up for e-mail updates:

30 May 2007

MTV News: Order of the Phoenix set visit

Another great pic by Dennys in Playstation magazine (Spain)

A new photo which is coming out of the Playstation magazine and this is another shoot made by Dennys Ilic! It looks like Dan likes playing Playstation games. The interview is in Spanish, when there will be something interesting in it to post you will hear it.

29 May 2007

Interview Genios magazine (Argentina)

Interview from Genios magazine.

How did you become Harry Potter?
Dan: Since a year before HP1, producers were looking for the actor who was going to be Harry. I was 11, and, nevertheless I was quite nervous on the auditions, I got the paper.

2) Had you had experience as an actor?
Dan: I had worked on the tv production of David Copperfield from BBC and in the movie The Tailor of Panama.

How did Potter change your life?
Dan: My life has not changed a lot, however sometimes it's difficult to go out into the street. And I have to wear a baseball cap to not be recognised! Generally I consider first the amount of people that there'll be if I wanna go somewhere.

Which is your favourite character?
Dan: Harry, obviously. I have become a huge fan of himself.
Apart from him?
Dan: Sirius Black, there's something dangerous behind him and fascinating.

Where and when did you film HP5?
Dan: In February to October last year in Leavsden Studios, outside London. I used to wake up everyday at 6:30 and traveled from home. It was really early but I liked it. We worked hard and had fun.

Do get on well with all the actors?
Dan: Absolutely! My friend, most of all, is Matthew Lewis, who plays Neville.

What do you do when not working?

Dan: I love going out with friends, listening to some music and reading. Actually, and for you who are from Argentina (the reporter), I can tell you I have read A Tale's Book from Jorge Luis Borges "El Aleph". I loved all the stories but one "el zahir" (who spells in spanish!) is my favourite.

I can't believe you
Dan: I'm most interested in the language he uses.

Have you read it in Spanish?
Dan: No! I know a little of Spanish...

Dan: I chose English bands with guitars, as Mystery Jets.

Do you date someone?

Dan: No..

Is it hard for you to have a girlfriend?
Dan: Being famous does not make it easier or harder, I had a girlfriend but not anymore.
Dan: What do you know from Argentina apart from Borges?
Dan: It was a pity for me that its football team lost the World Cup last year, because I thought it was one of the best teams. I know Buenos Aires is the Capital City. I'd love to visit the country some day.

To promote the films?
Dan: No!! To visit and enjoy my holidays.

26 May 2007

Myojo magazine (Japan)

New article and photos from the Myojo magazine in Japan via The interview was about the new upcoming Harry Potter film.
"I discussed the plan for acting with David Yates. The main objective was to get the movement of Harry's feelings by reading the book. It was very challenging work though; I had made my own character finally. It was the first time that I deeply related to the scenario.Before the scenario writer began to write, we discussed whom who relations were most important. David agreed with my opinion that the concentration of energy on the relationship between Harry and Sirius in particular is important. Because Sirius is a very important existence for Harry this time and it connects with the last important scene by firmly drawing it."

25 May 2007

Libelle magazine interview (NL)

In de nieuwe Libelle is een interview met Daniel te vinden over Harry Potter. Hieronder een paar quotes.

"Harry Potter showed me I was good at something"
1) There comes a day Harry Potter will end, that will be sad, but Harry has an important role in my life. I will go on. I want to prove myself as an actor, but I will never forget him.
2) Im still nervous when I meet people for the first time.
3) All the money I get don’t interest me. There will be a day my mother will say: We need to talk . This is how it goes with the money. That would be horrible.
4) I was bad in almost everything from learning to sport. And then came Harry Potter. He gave me something to Focus on. Harry Potter showed me I was good at something.

bron: Libelle nr 22. 25-31 mei 2007. Interview in het Claridge's Hotel, London.

24 May 2007

Updated: BEI's Exclusive: New pic photoshoot from Dan

Here is an exclusive photo of Daniel and I have good news: There will be more.
Please credit the website if you use it.

photography by Dennys llic,
Styling by Dhav Nadu,
Art Direction by Paul Zivic.

Update: Better contrast photo with no watermark. The picture is one from a Harry Potter photoshoot promoting Order of the Phoenix. (with thanks to Page from and ofcourse Dennys Ilic) Comment from Dennys at about the pic:
"thank you for the comments about this pic. it seems my long time obsession with eyes is slowly becoming apparent in my work and Dans eyes just tear control of the control of the camera from ones grasp. he is the most amazing and versatile subject i have ever had the pleasure to photograph.

Cinema Today interview (Japan)

There is a new interview from Japan's Cinema Today in promotion of Harry Potter (ハリーポッター) and the Goblet of Fire. Translation via

Q: It's been a long time since meeting Rupert and Emma since filming. Are they different now as compared with before?
A: Rupert may not be different after about 3 years at all in particular (laugh). I think that we're growing up, and changing, but we actually meet very often. Maybe we don't notice it because we're always meeting each other. We have off between filming, and we had a considerable break in time, but we're working together for about 11 months each year.

Q: I thought there were also many active scenes this time, but during
filming, wasn't it dangerous?
A: There was a case I slightly feared about two times in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" but there wasn't in this movie. But I'm always watched by very excellent staff regarding stunts who are very steady, so I think I didn't have a dangerous experience this time.

Q: What was your favorite scene in this film?
A: My favorite scene is all of the scenes that I worked with Imelda Staunton as Professor Umbridge. She's a really wonderful actress. She's a very pleasant person, and when I'm with her, I'm happy. And she's also a very intellectual person. It is really wonderful that I'm working with her, and I love the scenes with her most.

Q: (Interviewer points at Dan's t-shirt) "Tokyo-na" is written on your shirt. Did you choose that yourself?
A: Yes...What does it mean?

Q: As you know, "TOKYO" is Tokyo, and "na" is one of the Japanese alphabets.
A: Really! I bought this when I was in Australia ... I'm not sure. Yeah,
certainly. I love the shape of the shirt and I also love the character written on the shirt, so I bought it.

Q: What kind of fashion do you like?
A: I love very simple style such as T-shirts and jeans. I like that the best. However, I have many T-shirts that are so cool and I love them very much. I really have a lot of T-shirts.

Q: In London, is simple fashion popular with teens?
A: Well . . .I'm not sure. Various fashions seem popular right now. For instance, there are a lot of people who are wearing very bright colors, or are combining different type of clothes that don't match. I think this trend came from Japan because strange and wild fashions have been popular in Japan, and they are very cool. I think that Britain tries to overtake that fashion look now.

Q: Do you think really so? Although we're glad it's the Japanese.
A: I think it is perhaps so. Yes, it is absolutely so.


22 May 2007

Again more photos December Boys

New stills from the upcoming December boys.

picture source: Lisa Tomasetti/Warner Independent Pictures

21 May 2007

Updated: Teen Vogue magazine (US)

Scans from Teen Vogue magazine plus behind the scenes photos from the photoshoot in promotion of Harry Potter.

Update: Outtake.

The other photos:

"It's been my favorite one to do…The character is so exciting in this film. He's so complex"

picture source: Norman Jean Roy

20 May 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game artwork

The artwork for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the video game including a character photo. Release: 25th June 2007 (US), 29th June 2007 (Europe).


16 May 2007

Dan at Gielgud Theatre 14th May

Here are new photos from Dan signing outside the Equus theatre from 14th May.

picture source: W.E.N.N.

08 May 2007

New promo: Dan as Maps

New still from December Boys. Daniel as Maps.


02 May 2007

Photos from Order of the Phoenix posterbook

New photos from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix posterbook

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix posters

Posters for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, including a character poster.

picture source: Warner Bros