04 October 2007

Kids' Choice Awards videos: Rupert & Daniel

Kids' Choice Awards promo. Daniel is nominated for Best Movie Actor in Harry Potter.

And Rupert Grint wants you to vote for him instead of Daniel..

source: nick.co.uk


Thank you, Marion, for all your hard work ! I can see no one is writing you any comments, but these Dan news truly mean the world to me, and you're so dedicated to him, passionate about him i wanted you to know that you're doing a wonderful job.
Thank you for uploading and updating this often ! :D

Keep up the good work! Cheers,

Hi Sassy,

Im really happy to hear this from you :) not much people do give comment, but I do get pretty much visitors.. :P but it's still great to get a comment once in a while..

and im now trying to do my best even more! ;) Thank you :D