12 November 2012

Robot Chicken, season 6: Daniel Radcliffe's guest voice episode

I posted before that Daniel would be a guest voice on Robot Chicken in this new 6th season. Yesterday was the air date of episode 9 called Hemlock, Gin and Juice on Adult Swim (at midnight) in which Daniel was the guest voice actor. (sorry to not inform you all earlier I also just realized it today)

Director Zeb Wells talked about people asking about the episode with Daniel on RobotChicken.com:
Here are two different questions that have been asked on our website: ‘Can you guys tell me what will be the role of Daniel Radcliffe in the series?’ and ‘When shall a Thomas The Tank Engine parody appear on your show?!’. I’d like to answer both questions with a picture.(above)”
So I guess you all know what the answer is now... Daniel provided the voice for Kool-Aid kid and Thomas the Tank Engine. If you missed the episode (I try to find a good video which I can add here) You can watch or download the episode. You can view Daniel's part below.

Warning: contains some strong language


It's not full part of Daniel Radcliffe voice. Radcliffe voising not only express, he voicing the biy who screamed: "Hey,Kool-aid". HERE FULL:

I checked it and yes I had not realized that. I changed the video, thanks