07 October 2013

Updated(3): Kill Your Darlings: NL release date change + exclusive clip

I did already post the Kill Your Darlings release date for all the Dutch fans, which was 17th October 2013. But just like the UK date, this one has been changed. Lumière did announce that KYD is now set to be released on 23rd January 2014, 30th Januay 2014, April, 27th March 2014 here in the Netherlands. So we have to wait a bit longer..

Then second, Sony Pictures Classics release a new exclusive Kill Your Darlings clip via Out magazine. I did already post it on Facebook, but you can also watch it below.

Update: 29th October. Lumière changed the release date to 30th January 2014.
Update: 9th January 2014: another change. Now to April 2014. (when the exact date will be announced I will update)
Update: 21st January 2014. The release date is now set to 27th March 2014.

source: Lumière & Out magazine