14 August 2014

Updated(2): Photoshoots: Los Angeles Times, Oh Comely, Essential Homme and Heat magazine

An update on the latest photoshoots (and interviews) in promotion of What If which you could have missed via Facebook and Twitter. The first one is from Los Angeles Times with photos by Kirk McKoy (the photo above is from that shoot). Then second there is Oh Comely magazine with photos by Liz Seabrook. Here's another one. Third, Daniel is on the cover of Essential Homme magazine, the August/September issue with photos by Kevin Sinclair (more below). And last but not least, Heat magazine had a shoot with Daniel too, with thanks to Nicky Johnston for the photo.

Update: 18th August. More photos from the LA Times photoshoot below.
Update: 6th January 2015. The photo from the scans (Heat magazine). And another photo (Essential Homme)

Heat magazine (scan here via Tumblr)


Essential Homme magazine


source: essentialhommemag.com


Wonderful photos!! Thanks