01 August 2014

Updated: What If photocall & press junket in Mexico

Daniel arrived in Mexico where he did attend a photocall for What If (Sólo Amigos?‬) yesterday. Here's a great photo (Marco Ugarte/AP) with thanks to Josh Salvatore for sharing it with danieljradcliffe.tk. Then there are also a few more updates from Daniel's official Google+ page as well. One of his updates is about the red carpet premiere which got cancelled. The screening of the film did take and he presented the movie. Also thanks to gritaradio.com for sharing their photos.

Update: 13th August 2014. More videos from the press junket. A special message via Diamond Films Argentina and there Los 40 principales.

This video is also shared by danieljradcliffe.tk on Facebook.

The latest from #MexicoCity #whatifmovie 

By the way I didn't bring my own megaphone, someone handed it to me. #mexicocity #whatifmovie

More of Daniel speaking to fans outside on the balcony of his hotel

Google+ (press junket):

Hello from Mexico City! #whatifmovie  

picture source: Rafael Gaviria/CON

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