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30 March 2015

Empire Awards 2015: Daniel Radcliffe presents with James McAvoy

Daniel attended the 2015 Jameson Empire Awards yesterday at Grosvenor House in London where he presented the Award for Best British Film together with Victor Frankenstein co-star James McAvoy to Kingsman: The Secret Service. The full list of winners.

Edit: Empire magazine (via @JamesYSmitten on Twitter)

Photo booth

More photos

picture source: Ian Gavan/Tim P. Whitby/Alex B. Huckle/ Max Cisotti/ Dave J. Hogan

29 March 2015

BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw - Wake Up clip

I assume this is recorded during a BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.

Here's a Daniel Radcliffe 'Wake Up' clip shared by Nick Grimshaw.

25 March 2015

Google+: Macau!

Principal photography has finished for Now You See Me 2 as you could have read via this site's Facebook page. There is now a new photo on Daniel's official Google+ page taken in Macau, China.

The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

24 March 2015

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured in documentary Tom Felton Meets the Superfans

I did already post the news on Facebook: Tom Felton interviewed Daniel for his BBC Three documentary Tom Felton Meets the Superfans. I did share the preview on Facebook (also below). The documentary aired yesterday and is available in BBC iPlayer for 30 days after the broadcast. If another video becomes avaliable I'll update.

Update: 30th December 2016.  A clip via ABC iview. Rupert Grint can't say 'no'. Plus the documentary is also available on iTunes.

This video is also shared by on Facebook.

Daniel Radcliffe on obsession:
It’s something in your life that, like, other people think is weird, and wrong, and don’t get, but it gives you meaning.

17 March 2015

Updated: More photos from A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories

More promotional stills for A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories which were posted online earlier this year. I did already post some here. The second series is available on Sky On Demand or on DVD in a few countries like Germany and France. 

Update: 16th December 2015. Some more.

16 March 2015

Horns: UK DVD & Blu-ray artwork

Below you find the UK DVD and Blu-ray artwork for Horns, released by Lionsgate UK.

From master-of-horror Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D) comes this supernatural, offbeat thriller starring beloved British actor Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter franchise, The Woman in Black) and the talented Juno Temple (Magic Magic, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For).

Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) is accused of the murder of his girlfriend, Merrin Williams (Juno Temple). After a hard night of drinking, Ig awakens, hungover, to find horns growing out of his head; they have the ability to drive people to confess sins and give in to selfish impulses. Ig decides to use this effective tool to discover the circumstances of his girlfriend's death and to seek revenge by finding the true murderer.

Daniel and Juno lead an all-star cast with strong support from David Morse (The Green Mile, The Hurt Locker) and Heather Graham (The Hangover I & III, Boogie Nights).

HORNS is based on the dark fantasy novel of the same name from New York Times best-selling author Joe Hill (Heart Shaped Box) with a screenplay by Keith Burnin. Alexandre Aja, Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland and Cathy Schulman produce.

13 March 2015

Horns: NL DVD & Blu-ray artwork

Horns is uitgebracht op DVD en Blu-ray door Dutch FilmWorks. Hieronder vind je de artwork.

Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) wordt beschuldigd van de gewelddadige verkrachting en moord op zijn vriendin (Juno Temple). Hij houdt stug vol het niet gedaan te hebben en vlucht in drank. Maar als hij de volgende ochtend wakker wordt, heeft hij niet alleen een enorme kater. Ook groeien er opeens hoorns uit zijn hoofd. Daar blijft het niet bij, want Ig ontdekt dat zijn hoorns mensen aanzet om fouten op te biechten en toe te geven aan hun egoïstische impulsen. Hij besluit zijn bizarre, maar effectieve nieuwe kracht te gebruiken om uit te zoeken hoe zijn vriendin echt om het leven is gekomen en wraak te nemen op de dader.

10 March 2015

German poster for The F-Word

German poster for The F Word a.k.a. The F-Word - Von wegen nur gute Freunde!. The release date for Germany is 9th April 2015.

source: Wild Bunch Germany