12 November 2015

Updated(7): Daniel Radcliffe on ESPN Radio's Russillo and Kanell, ESPNW and more

Daniel Radcliffe did talk to Russillo and Kanell from ESPN Radio about Victor Frankenstein, Fantasy Football and more yesterday. And there's more. First off there are also the following podcasts: Fantasy Focus Football Show podcast where Daniel talked with Matthew Berry and Field Yates. Another one is OffSCenter, plus The Freddie Coleman Show: a photo, and last but not least:  His & Hers: a photo.video here. Second from ESPNW there's Fantasy Football With The W and a clip about Victor Frankenstein.

Update: 14th November 2015. Redes ESPN video (Spanish, also on Facebook).
Update: 16th November 2015. Group photo via Twitter, shared with danieljradcliffe.tk.
Update: 17th November 2015. Second video from Redes ESPN, shared with danieljradcliffe.tk on Twitter, Facebook video added below. And another photo from ESPN (also via Twitter)
Update: 19th November 2015. Third video from Redes ESPN (also via Twitter)
Update: 23rd November 2015. ESPN Front Row video talking about his ESPN experience. They have embedded a (re)tweet from danieljradcliffe.tk too.
Update: 25th November 2015. Two podcasts from yesterday: Manziel back at it- Dan Le Batard is Higly Questionable & ESPNW's Be Honest with Cari Champion.
Update: 20th November 2016. ESPN OffSCenter photo by Reese Waters.

Front Row

Redes ESPN

Daniel Radcliffe, la estrella de #HarryPotter, pasó esta semana por el estudio de #RedesESPN y participó en las loqueras de nuestro show.Harry Potter Harry Potter Fans Fans de harry potter
Posted by Redes ESPN on vrijdag 13 november 2015

¡No te pierdas la segunda parte de nuestra entrevista la semana pasada con Daniel Radcliffe de Harry Potter! ¡Estamos seguro que a los Harry Potter Fans les encantará!
Posted by Redes ESPN on maandag 16 november 2015

Si el #Hobbit fuera #Frankenstein sería una película surrealista. ¡No te pierdas la visita de Daniel Radcliffe a #RedesESPN!
Posted by Redes ESPN on woensdag 18 november 2015

ESPN Radio:

Via Spencer Soloman: photo 1 | photo 2

source: espn.com