11 September 2016

Updated(3): Deauville American Film Festival photoshoots

Photos from photoshoots on day 2 (yesterday) at the Deauville American Film Festival in promotion of Imperium. With thanks to Olivier Vigerie for sharing one of his photos with danieljradcliffe.tk on Twitter.

Update: 16th September 2016. More from François Berthier's shoot.
Update: 28th September 2016. A photo by Edouard Caupeil for Le Point.
Update: 3rd November 2016. More photos from Olivier Vigerie.

Anthony Ghnassia

This video is also shared by danieljradcliffe.tk on Facebook.

Olivier Vigerie

Himself and Daniel

Another one
(via Facebook)

François Berthier

Himself and Daniel


I absolutely LOVE these new Photos.