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You can contact Daniel by writing to him at this address:
Daniel Radcliffe
c/o ARG Talent
4A Exmoor Street
London W10 6BD
August 2013: The address is changed from 4 Great Portland Street to 4A Exmoor Street. Mail sent to Great Portland Street get's forwarded to Exmoor Street

- If you would like to receive a reply, please make sure you include your own mailing address, written legibly in English.  A reply usually consists of a copy of Dan's latest photo.

- Daniel unfortunately does not have the time to reply personally to each and every letter he receives so he sends out a pre-printed photo instead.

Hopefully you get an anwser within 2-3 months. Dan can get between 2000 fan letters a month, so well it can take a while.

The current photo Daniel is sending out
This is the latest photo this site is aware of. If you did receive a new one, please contact DJR Holland so this page can get updated.
May 2015 by Matthew Lyn

Photos (the rest of the links will come soon)
2002 by Peter Mountain
2003 by Peter Mountain
2003 by unknown
2004 by Adrian Green
2004 Christmas photo (Goblet of Fire set) by unknown
2005 by Dennys Ilic
2006 by Emma Hardy
2008 by Jaap Buitendijk
2010 by Dennys Ilic
2011 by Ethan Hill via Broadhurts Theater, NY (H2$)
2011 by unknown
2012 by Warwick Saint
2014 by unknown via Cort Theater, NY (The Cripple of Inishmaan)
2015 by Matthew Lyn


Dan has been sending  out newsletters during the years, until 2010. Here are some newsletters from years ago. (links will come soon)
2003 February
2003 March
2003 June
2003 December
2004 January
2004 March
2004 June
2004 August
2004 October
2005 January
2005 February
2005 May
2005 August
2005 December
2006 April
2006 July
2007 January
2007 June