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Photos: London, Equus, 24-02-07
Dan arriving at the Gielgud Theatre. (click to enlarge)
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More photos:
4) Inside the Gielgud Theatre
5) Outside view Gielgud nr 1
6) Outside view Gielgud nr 2
7) Richard Griffiths at the Stagedoor 

Other photos etc.

Other news and footage brought to you (first) by DJR Holland via other sources. You may add the following news to your own website, but don't forget to credit

International press conference for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Picture by Theo Kingma.(Hitkrant magazine)


Photo: Dennys Ilic (Kampioen magazine)
Photo: Dennys Ilic (Hitkrant magazine)


Video: Shownieuws TV show promotion (OOTP behind the scenes)


Photo: Dennys Ilic (Hitkrant magazine)
Photos: Dennys Ilic (“La Revista" magazine)
Photos: Doug Inglish better quality + a new one (Attitude magazine)
Photo: Dennys Ilic (Cosmo Girl! magazine)


Photo: Dennys Ilic ("Taxidromos" magazine, 2009)
Photos: Celebrity Quiz night (Get Connected UK)
Dutch tv presentor Peter Van Der Vorst did meet up with Daniel on the set of Deathly Hallows part 1 (RTL 4's Van Der Vorst Ziet Sterren/Behind the Magic) video.

Photo: Warwick Saint (Hitkrant magazine)
Photos: Warwick Saint (JFK magazine)

Video: Venice Film Festival, Kill Your Darlings press conference (Films & Sterren 2013/2014)

Video: Zurich Film Festival, Imperium red carpet and film introduction (Films & Sterren)