16 March 2001

Daniel Radcliffe's appearance on BBC's Comic Relief: Red Nose Day

Daniel Radcliffe made an appearance on BBC's Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) charity program to bring a check raised by J.K. Rowlings books for charity (international sales from the Harry Potter School books Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find them and Quidditch Through the Ages), from in total "421,699 Gallions 3 Sickles and 13 Knuts", or £2,100,062 ($3 Million). No video but if someone has it, feel free to send it in.
Daniel, who had come straight from the Harry Potter (Philosopher's Stone) set, was asked about Harry's scar, "I see no scar, are you really the boy who defeated the Dark One?" asked Stephen Fry. Daniel replied "Yes, but I've left it in the dressing room".

When asked about how filming was going, and if he was enjoying himself, he replied, "Yeah, its really, really fantastic".

screencaptures: killermovies.com

Daniel and the Comic Relief books (13th March 2001)

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