01 October 2001

Nickelodeon magazine (US)

Daniel on the cover of Nickelodeon magazine in promotion of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. October 2001 issue.


NICKELODEON MAGAZINE: Was it hard to be a star of a movie when you didn't have much experience?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: It was nerve-racking. The first day on the set, I was very nervous. I was used to rehearsing with about eight other people, and then I got to the set and, including the extras, there were like 150 people there.

NM: What's the hardest part about acting?

DR: Getting the right emotions. Generally, I try to think about a song or a book, and that emotion comes out with my expressions.

NM: What was a hard scene to do?
DR: The mirror scene. It's the emotional center of the movie, so I had to get the right thought into my head.

NM: Did you have to do any special training to play Harry?
DR: Yes. Because I did a lot of my own stunts, I had to do a lot of gymnastics training. One of my stunt doubles was this thin guy called David Holmes. He's a great gymnast. He's been teaching me gymnastics, and it's so much fun.

NM: What was your favorite stunt?
DR: There was one shot where I was hanging one-handed from my broomstick, twenty-two feet in the air. I was wired up to the broom, with a huge airbag underneath me, and they moved me around up there. That was pretty cool.

NM: Would you want to be friends with Harry in real life?
DR: Absolutely. I like his curiosity and his loyalty. And his magic powers, too. He's so serious, but at the same time he can be very funny.

Daniel's Favorite...
Harry Potter book: Number two, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. "I suppose it's the darkest, but so much goes on in it."
Character: Hagrid
Scene To film: The chess scene. "The set is amazing."

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