26 May 2004

Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 1's The Jo Whiley Show

Mugglenet.com has posted the following transcript of BBC Radio's Jo Whiley Show interview which aired earlier today. There is no audio available.

Jo: It's Radio 1, and I'm very pleased to welcome onto the show now, um, oh, what do I call you? Do I call you Daniel, or Dan, or Danny, or Harry?
Dan: Dan. That's the one.
Jo: It's Dan Radcliffe, or Harry Potter. Star of the Harry Potter films. Thanks for coming in today.
Dan: It's a pleasure... God... it's fantastic.
Jo: You have that look about you that Elijah Wood did when he came in, he was all, kind of, like, is John Peel anywhere around?
Dan: *laughs*
Jo: He was looking for all the Radio 1 DJs.
Dan: No, I'm just really excited because I'm, I, I... I never really get to talk about, like... I mean, I've never done an interview in a radio station before!
Jo: Have you not?
Dan: No. I never really get to talk about music much, so it's great.

Jo: You're a major music fan, aren't you?
Dan: Huge.
Jo: Do you get to go to gigs?
Dan: Not as much as I'd like to, but I'm seeing the Chilli Peppers in Hyde Park. I'm going to that, very excited, because The Pixies are supporting, but my first gig - I went to see The Strokes last year, in December, which was really really good fun. Awesome.
Jo: So when did you come across The Pixies?
Dan: Um... I'm really into films, obviously, as well, and I got Total Film and there was a compilation of soundtracks, and "Where is my mind?" was on there, because it's the soundtrack to Fight Club, and so I went out and bought Death to The Pixies: The Greatest Hits, and from there, I just, kind of, became obsessed, basically.
Jo: Completely obsessed.
Dan: Yeah.
Jo: I met Frank Black once, in the BBC canteen, and he was wearing these outsized dungarees, he just looked... hilarious!
Dan: Yeah, I was just thinking how little Santiago look like rock 'n roll stars, but they just... are. Fantastic
Jo: Good. Um, you can choose a record. You choose the first record.
Dan: Okay, um... I just bought the single by The Walkman, The Rat, and it's an awesome song, so how about that one?
Jo: It's an absolute pleasure, we've played it to death on this show. Okay, then, these are The Walkman, this is The Rat.
(Song: The Walkman - The Rat)

Jo: It's The Rat, from The Walkman, we've played it loads on the show, but that was chosen specially by Daniel - or Dan - Radcliffe, who's the star of the Harry Potter films. Are you going to any festivals? Have you done the festival circuit yet?
Dan: Oh, I would love to... um... the one that, I read the line up, and it's got a brilliant line up, is and it's Party in the Park, you see, I'd love to go to, but I don't... it's just... because I'm filming all the time, there's just no time at the moment. But soon, I'm hopefully going to get time to start going to some more, definitely.
Jo: Mmm, yeah... so, you're filming the fourth film at the moment?
Dan: Yeah, we kind of officially start filming in June or July sometime, but we're kind of doing, like, little bits of pre-production at the moment. It's great, it's really exciting. It's going to be great.
Jo: Okay, so, the third film is what we're here to talk about today, specifically, obviously. Is this your favourite so far? It's the Prisoner of Azkaban, it's my favourite book. Absolutely, undoubtedly, the favourite of the books.
Dan: It's been... I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's really, really... it's... I've seen the film twice now, the full, finished version, and it's really, really amazing. It's really sophisticated, it's brilliant. It's really... it's quite scary, in parts, but I mean... I knew what was coming, I still jumped. But it's -
Jo: Really?
Dan: Yeah. It is a really great film.
Jo: So why is it so different? Because you have a different director, I guess, that has something?
Dan: I think it has something to do just with the style of it, but, the books are so different in themselves, I mean, the third book is a huge huge jump from the second. The book is a huge jump from the second, so I think it's kind of - it's just natural that it's going to be a really different film.
Jo: Can you remind us, just for people who have got a little muddled with their books, what happens in this one, what it is essentially about?
Dan: I'll try. Um... basically, it starts off, Harry runs away from home, gets to Hogwarts, finds out that this guy, Sirius Black, is after him, and trying to kill him. And, basically, the whole film is centred around Sirius Black trying to track down Harry. But, there's a twist at the end, that I know most people know, but, just for the minority of the people that haven't, I'm just not going to say.
Jo: Don't go there! Don't go there at all! Garry Oldman, of course, plays Sirius Black, when I found out he was cast as that role, it was, like, YES, that's just so right! What was it like, working with him?
Dan: It was... he's amazing! He's the coolest guy. The first things we was talking about was - I really got him into Audio Slave.
Jo: Oh, really?
Dan: Yeah. 'Cause, he's really big on music, really big on The Beatles and loads of other really cool bands. And I was playing Audio Slave in the bus one time, in the make up bus, and um, he was listening to it, and he really, really, really liked it.
Jo: So, are you like the musical expert on the films? Do you kind of convert people, generally?
Dan: I try my hardest to get as many people into rock music as possible. That's kind of my mission on each film.
Jo: Okay, and how do you succeed with that?
Dan: Um...
Jo: With Emily, with Rupert? Emma, sorry...
Dan: Rupert really likes the Kings of Leon, which are very cool. And Emma's... Emma's taste in music differs greatly from mine.
Jo: Okay, what's she into?
Dan: Um, she likes... I've managed to get her into Jet, which is very cool. But other stuff? Oh... I don't really know the names of the... things that...
Jo: You don't want to know the names!
Dan: Not in any major way, but that's fine! You know... um... (laughs).
Jo: Okay, then, we'll play another track, a bit of Outkast, we'll talk to Dan more after this.

(Song: Outkast - The way you move)

Jo: This is Radio 1, that was Outkast, the way you move, I've got Dan Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter films, woith us at the moment. We've seen the trailers, and, just... the special effects look really really great, with this one. The double-decker bus looks...
Dan: Oh, great... triple decker! There's three of them. It's really funny, I get slammed against walls in that one, there's loads of great shots of me going smack into windows.
Jo: You like doing your own stunts, don't you?
Dan: It's just fun! Most... but, obviously, if something's really really... like, if I'm incapable of doing something, then obviously I won't do it, because I'll probably just kill myself! So... yeah, I like to do as many as is possible.
Jo: So, which were the really good ones? Were the most extreme? A nice scary one?
Dan: On the second film, I had to do this thing where I was climbing up the face of this huge statue, at the back of the Chamber of Secrets, and... um... I was on a wire, and I had to do all the climbing, and that was really really fun, and there was lots of roiling about and sword fights, so it was great.
Jo: Had any great bruises, or injuries?
Dan: Um... no. I hope to get maybe a few battle scars on this one, but no.
Jo: If acting didn't pan out, what would you do? What would the next career be? I'm sure you've been asked.
Dan: I'd like to... I'd actually like to be in a band.
Jo: You'd be in a band! Of course you would!
Dan: I know that probably sounds really weird, because I'm here, and I would say that, but I actually would genuinely love to do it.
Jo: What instrument would you play?
Dan: Well, I'd like to sing. But, I kind of play a little bit of bass, as well. I'm kind of getting there. But, slowly.
Jo: What's your voice like?
Dan: It's okay. Yeah, it's not bad. But, you know... Johnny Rotten's voice was never note perfect, so, you know?
Jo: If you had to choose one TV show to go into, after Harry Potter, what would it be? Eastenders? Emmerdale? Or Casualty?
Dan: Um... you see, the one my Mum's always watched, so I've watched the most, is Coronation Street, so it'd probably be Corrie.
Jo: Behind the bar, maybe?
Dan: Yeah! I don't see why not. Yeah, great.
Jo: Right, we want you to tell us a bit about your co-stars. There was a story that the new director... what's his name, sorry?
Dan: Alfonso Cuaron.
Jo: Right... glad you said that! The new director, did he get you all to write essays about your characters?
Dan: Yeah, and that kind of revealed to us how much like our characters we are, and it terrified us, I think.
Jo: Tell us about it, what happened?
Dan: Because... I wrote...um... basically, because Harry, at school - he kind of, does the work, but doesn't really...he kind of does the work, but doesn't do any great work, he just kind of does it, and that's it.
Jo: Because he feels like he ought to.
Dan: Yeah. So, I wrote just a page, which is kind of what Harry would have done. Rupert, as Ron would have done, just did completely nothing, just forgot about it. And Emma wrote 16 pages!
Jo: Like Hermione!
Dan: Yeah! So, we kind of got a bit freaked out after that.
Jo: This is the film where all the love interest comes in, doesn't it? Begins to, for Harry?
Dan: In the book. But, kind of not so much in the third film. In the third thing, the love thing is between Ron and Hermione, which is really funny. It's really, really good.
Jo: In the fourth film, though?
Dan: Yeah, because it's kind of Harry falling in love with Cho Chang. Yeah.
Jo: So, you're filming that at the moment?
Dan: Yeah.
Jo: Kissing scenes?
Dan: Let's hope so!
Jo: Is she gorgeous?
Dan: No... yeah, she's very pretty. She's really cool, though, Katie's awesome!
Jo: And the premieres? Are you enjoying the premieres now? Because I was at the first one, and I saw you being interviewed, and it just looked like an awful experience for you.
Dan: It's mad. It's really, completely insane. But, you get to meet loads of really cool people. I met Ben Stiller. That was great. So... yeah, uh... it;s a mad, mad experience, but it really is fun.
Jo: So you're looking forward to this one very much indeed?
Dan: Yeah.
Jo: Have you got a big, kind of, wish list of people you'd really want to turn up there?
Dan: Well, I'm hoping... just any one of The Strokes there would be brilliant. And Brody Dahl.
Jo: Oh, guest on this show in two weeks time!
Dan: Oh, please just tell her I'm madly in love with her! Thank you. Or... Marcie out of the Von Bondies. They'd be great too.
Jo: You've got good taste in women! Dan, thank you very much indeed.
Dan: Thank you very much indeed.

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