14 May 2005

Updated: Weekly Reader interview

As filming for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was wrapping up, Daniel spoke with Weekly Reader.

Update:  Read Daniel's clarification regarding one question below.

How would you describe Harry these days?
He’s grown up quite a bit. He’s becoming slightly more aggressive. In this story [Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire], everything is being taken away, and it’s out of his hands. Harry struggles to get a grip on the situation.

How has being Harry Potter changed your life?
I do get recognized in public. This one guy saw me near a [subway] station and burst out, “Hey, everyone! Look!” It would have been OK with me if he hadn’t yelled. The other thing that has changed is that I’m not in school as I’d normally be. [He attends school on the set.]

Do you still enjoy portraying Harry Potter?
Yes, it gets easier, but each film presents new challenges.

How do you get along with other cast members?
Me and Emma [Watson] are like brother and sister. We don’t have huge fights, but we do have altercations. Rupert [Grint] I don’t really know. I don’t spend that much time with him. Emma and I spend a lot more time together. (* – see below)

What is it like working with director Mike Newell and the new cast members, such as Katie Leung? Working with Mike Newell has been fantastic. We don’t see that much of each other when we’re not filming. Katie is a completely, really, really natural actor–and she’s really cool.
Are you shy, like you are with Cho Chang, in real life?
I’m quite shy, but I’d like to think that I’m not. I don’t have a girlfriend, but I try. Sometimes I find myself not knowing what to say to [girls]. I don’t understand girls yet, but I’m trying to.

Which scenes did you most enjoy filming in The Goblet of Fire?
The underwater scenes were the most interesting and the most fun. I had two ear infections from being underwater so much. Mike told us, “Don’t try to actually speak your lines underwater. Just move your mouth.”

Do you have one favorite scene?
I did enjoy the graveyard scene in an intense kind of way. Remembering all the scenes does become a blur. There’s also another scene in the bathroom in a hot tub that I enjoyed.

If you could have one magical power of Harry’s, what would it be?
That I could do everything with the wand, like cast spells.

What will life be like for you after Harry Potter?
I want to continue to be an actor and maybe be a director. If I could direct one really great film, then I’d never want to direct again. I have a certain confidence about my acting now.

(*) – Dan’s response to this question, as it was presented by Weekly Reader, raised an unprecedented amount of queries and comments about his friendship with the other cast members when the interview was originally posted, Dan later sent danradcliffe.com this clarification:

“I usually do not make any comment on postings on websites however, I have been made aware that a simple answer I gave in an interview to Weekly Reader re my relationship with Rupert has sent people into a maelstrom of speculation. It has shocked me that the words “I don’t spend much time with Rupert” has been interpreted in so many grossly inaccurate ways.

FACT: I like Rupert, I get on with Rupert, we are friends and when we are on set together we have a good laugh.

We don’t spend much time together off set – because there isn’t any! Those of you who are familiar with GoF will know that there are many scenes in which Ron doesn’t appear Also, I am still at school and when I am not on set filming I am in tutoring and when Rupert is not needed for filming he is not in the studio. But, we are good friends and any suggestion otherwise is wrong”.

source: weeklyreader.com