22 February 2006

Daniel purchased Sirius Black Family tree at Bloomsbury auction

A charity auction for Book Aid International which took place yesterday featured over 30 works from today's leading authors and illustrators. Daniel purchased the (handwritten) Family Tree of the Black Family which was donated by J.K. Rowling.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe aged 16, bought JK Rowling’s handwritten family tree of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black last night at Bloomsbury Auctions in central London. 

His mother Marcia Gresham, was bidding on his behalf and for £30,000 finally secured what must be the jewel in any Harry Potter fan’s collection.  She then went on to buy two more original handwritten stories, a humorous piece Iain Banks about the difficulties of beginning to write a story for £980 and a short play by Tom Stoppard entitled Murder for £3700.

‘This should put paid to anyone who says that Daniel doesn’t like reading,’ said his mother. ‘Daniel hasn’t stopped since he read the first Harry Potter book and he loves Iain Banks and Tom Stoppard.’
source: bloomsburryauctions.com