23 September 2006

Daniel wins Golden Penguin Award from Xpress magazine (Australia)

Daniel won the Golden Penguin Award from Xpress magazine (Australia) Emma Watson also won an award. They both received their Penguin on the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix set.

Daniel Radcliffe also joins us. Although he has a tight timetable today he wants to accept the Penguin personally. "How did I win that?", he laughs. "It's really cool and of course it will get a special place right next to last year's. Thank you very much!"

Six-pack. We ask Dan about his bathing scene in HP4 and want to know how long he trains for his Adonis-body. "Uhm, thanks for noticing it." Dan grins and blushes at the same time. "Not so long, half an hour twice a week with David Holmes, my stunt double. But we train hard."