23 September 2006

To be the world’s most famous teen by Daniel Radcliffe

From Empire magazine:

“You can’t really think of yourself as the most famous child in the world. I try not to think about it, I just sort of get on with things. I don’t sit down every night and talk to myself to stop myself becoming arrogant. I would never want to be that, because I deplore those values in anyone. It’s just something you have to take in your stride. I’ll never get used to it.

With the films, I am much more aware now of what I’m doing. I think i’t partly a teenage thing, that your’e more aware of how people are seeing you, so you just want to give the best performance possible. In that respect it’s got a bit harder as the years have gone on, but it does balance out slightly, because I am now more comfortable on-set and more comfortable playing harry.

Premieres are strange. If I went to loads of the I may get used to it, but It’s always a Harry Potter premiere and they’re massive. I honestly never want to get used to that feeling of stepping out and having that reception from the crowd, because it’s an amazing thing. I imagine it’s what bands feel when they walk on stage at huge festivals and everyone applauds them before they’ve even done anything. Nobody there has seen the film, but they coome out to clap; it’s really gratifying. Your’e shut away making the film for at least 10 months, probably 11, maybe even 12. I’ts great that people come out and clap and cheer because it makes it feel even more worth while it really does. It’s unbelievable to feel that support.

There are very mild downsides, things that have become difficult to do as Harry Potter’s become more populair. During the summer I wanted to go to the reading festival, but a friend of mine mentioned that people might find out whose tent it was, and then we would be in trouble. I stayed in this local hotel, where I was told all the bands stayed. The fans have changed with the movies. The average age of the fans goes up as the films get darker. In the past couple of years Harry Potter has developed a certain cool. I don’t know quite how it’s happened, but it’s obviously great that it has. It’s an amazing thing to be part of.”