09 December 2006

Daniel designed Cu-bed for Demelza House

Daniel designed a fantastic new Cu-Bed for Habitat's new VIP Kids range and all the royalties fromthe sale of the bed will be going straight to Daniel's favourite charity, Demelza House. The Price: £210

"Why have one toy when you can have many? That's what I figured anyway. And it was that thought process which led to the birth of 'cu-bed'.  A very important product which can magically be twisted and re-shaped into many different forms... A den one day, a bed or barricade the next."
His creation, a Cu-bed is a kind of a soft rubik's cube that can be transformed into a bed or a barricade or a hiding-place. According to Caroline Cooren-Gleizak, Director of Communications of Habitat.:
"We asked several personalities to design the object or the piece of furniture of which they would have dreamed of as a child Additional personalities asked to participate were Kate Winslet and Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut"
source: habitat.net

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