01 January 2007

Help December Boys release worldwide

We would like to inform you that several Daniel Radcliffe's fans take the initiative to do a petition to ask a worldwide release of DECEMBER BOYS, the next movie of Daniel Radcliffe to its distributor WARNER BROS INDEPENDANT. This petition is not against Warner Bros, on the contrary, we are really pleased and proud to have this big distributor for DECEMBER BOYS but we just want them to assume us that DECEMBER BOYS will be released worldwide. In fact, we know directly from Rod Hardy himself (the director of DECEMBER BOYS) that the film has only been sold to the USA and Australia at this stage and that a final decision will be made late in January when the film will have or not its worldwide release.
So we have until this date to collect as many signatures as possible to convince and to prove to the WARNER BROS leaders that this film is expected and that it has the potential to be a big success.

According to Rod Hardy, the director, this petition would be helpful. So this petition has the only objective to convince Warner Bros not to hesitate and that this film deserves a chance to be a great success, we just want them to offer its to DECEMBER BOYS.

So we need your help. If you want to help us, you only have to sign this petition with your true name or a pseudonym. We need a lot of signatures until the end of January so you can talk about this petition to your friends, to other sites, blog or even forum to convince people to give their contribution to a beautiful independent movie.
Help to follow this link to the petition.

source: thedecemberboys.blogspot.com


We need to put this in all dan's sites we can! :)