28 February 2007

Evening Standard interview (UK)

Evening Standard's exclusive interview. They talked with him after his performance in Equus at the Gielgud Theatre in London.

"Tonight was good but it was terrifying. We've been doing previews for two weeks and I thought this would be just another show. But when we got to the last hour I thought 'this is really big'.
"It was scary but there's so much goodwill backstage and to be on stage with Richard Griffiths helped."
About performing nude:
"I really don't care about it that much. The nudity serves the purpose of the image at the end of the play.

"The implication in the press was that it was going to be quite gratuitous but it's not. After doing the first couple of previews I really didn't care anymore."
About his role as Alan Strang:
"It can be hard not to take it home with you and I especially found that during the rehearsal period.
"But in a way that's good because the more you can stay in character, as long as it doesn't damage you in any way, it can only be a positive thing."
He said he would like to continue acting in the West End:
"Being on stage is the most exhilarating experience I've ever had.
"Film is fantastic but the rush you get from being on stage is just amazing,"
Playwright Peter Shaffer about Daniel:
"Daniel was marvellous considering this is his first ever performance on the stage. Richard Griffiths was terrific as well. I'm very pleased with the production. It's deeply exciting."
Christian Slater said:
"The work that Daniel did on stage was incredible, extraordinary. I think he was brave, adventurous and courageous. He's a phenomenon and I would certainly love to work with him."
source: standard.co.uk

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