27 February 2007

Report: Equus

by Marion

24th February 2007, London

Daniel arrives at the Theatre
When I arrived at the Gielgud Theatre at 1:30 to collect my tickets for the show, I was walking around the theatre to look where I could find the Stage Door, so I knew where I had to be trying to get an autograph later that evening..When I was there , a crowd of people stood there who were waiting for the crew of Equus to arrive. I waited of course, because I knew Dan had to show up within some minutes. (It was almost one hour before playtime) Then I saw Jenny Agutter walking out of the stage door. She stayed for a little  while to sign some autographs and to chat to some fans and then left again.

After that a car arrived and Richard Griffiths came out. He also signed some autographs and got into the theatre. Then there arrived another car. A big dark BMW... and stopped at the Stage Door entrance. My dad (who was with me in London) managed to make some pics from.. Daniel! Who was sitting in the car ready to get out and going into the theatre. There were not much people there at the moment.

About Equus the Play
The play started off with the six horses. Daniel was standing in the middle with one horse. The first thing Dan said was about a milkywaybar (a song) "Milkybar is good for you" (He was singing it because he didn't wanted to say something to Dr. Dysart (Richard Griffiths) It was a very funny part.. He did that for three times!

I think most of you know where this play is all about. (if you don't you can check equustheplay.com) The horses where men with masks and metal around there shoes. When the play goes further, Daniel has also a scene with the horse "Nugget" played by Will Kemp. This is a scene where he is riding on the horse and at the same moment enjoys having sex. With much compliments to Daniel, because that must be a really hard scene to do and it was really impressive. It's a really intense scene where he had to shout very hard… This was the last scene before the break.

During the play he had also scenes where he didn't said at thing, he is just sitting there staring.. I really thought this was impressive to, because I can't sit that long and just stare at one point :P After that the scenes with Joanna Christie came. (and she also very good, I’l have to say that) Jill (Joanna) wants to have sex with Alan after they have been to the cinema to watch an 18+ movie when they got caught by Alan's dad (Jonathan Cullen) (was a bit sad but also funny, can't explain why, its probably because of how he explained that scene)

To me Daniel looked full of self-confidence about the way he acted on stage and it all looked so good. During the show they also used smoke/light effects which I thought looked really cool!. The scene with Daniel and Joanna naked was also very good! (and very intense) They were supposed to have sex in that scene, but Alan didn't wanted to because he felt that the other Horses where looking to him then.

The play was really amazing!! and it was over before I knew it..

© Daniel J Radcliffe Holland [danieljradcliffe.tk] 2007.


Even if it's an "old" Dan's work, I was very curious of reading the comedy, and on Amazon i've find an e-book: two nights ago I've gone to bed very late, because I simply can't stop reading this comedy!! It's very very good, very moving and "strong", and while I was reading I remember some scenes that I've seen on YouTube, and finally I can comprehend their meaning. It would be good if we could find a dvd with the registration of "Equus", but I think that it don't exist...! or not?

Hi Carlotta,
Well no there isn't a registration of Daniel's performance inEquus from West End or Broadway. But another option is the movie from 1977. I know you can buy that one on DVD.