24 May 2007

Updated: BEI's Exclusive: New pic photoshoot from Dan

Here is an exclusive photo of Daniel and I have good news: There will be more.

Please credit the website if you use it.

photography by Dennys llic,
Styling by Dhav Nadu,
Art Direction by Paul Zivic.

Update: Better contrast photo with no watermark. The picture is one from a Harry Potter photoshoot promoting Order of the Phoenix. (with thanks to Page from danradcliffe.co.uk and ofcourse Dennys Ilic) Comment from Dennys at danradcliffe.co.uk about the pic:
"thank you for the comments about this pic. it seems my long time obsession with eyes is slowly becoming apparent in my work and Dans eyes just tear control of the control of the camera from ones grasp. he is the most amazing and versatile subject i have ever had the pleasure to photograph.


thanks for the pic.
I'll credit you!

Wow... Just... wow! He's gorgeous in this! MORE, MORE, MORE, please! ;)

Thank you for posting this gorgeous photo!!!
Can hardly wait for more!!

Is 'Kampioen' niet het blad van de ANWB wegenwacht? Typisch dat deze foto's hierin zullen verschijnen.. Ik geloof dat dit blad niet te koop is helaas!


Ja dat klopt. Ik heb ze inderdaad nooit in de winkel gezien. Als je lid bent van de anwb wegenwacht krijg je hem thuis. Wij krijgen hem wel, dus mocht er meer in komen...blijf Rad News checken..;)