29 May 2007

Interview Genios magazine (Argentina)

Interview from Genios magazine.

How did you become Harry Potter?
Dan: Since a year before HP1, producers were looking for the actor who was going to be Harry. I was 11, and, nevertheless I was quite nervous on the auditions, I got the paper.

2) Had you had experience as an actor?
Dan: I had worked on the tv production of David Copperfield from BBC and in the movie The Tailor of Panama.

How did Potter change your life?
Dan: My life has not changed a lot, however sometimes it's difficult to go out into the street. And I have to wear a baseball cap to not be recognised! Generally I consider first the amount of people that there'll be if I wanna go somewhere.

Which is your favourite character?
Dan: Harry, obviously. I have become a huge fan of himself.
Apart from him?
Dan: Sirius Black, there's something dangerous behind him and fascinating.

Where and when did you film HP5?
Dan: In February to October last year in Leavsden Studios, outside London. I used to wake up everyday at 6:30 and traveled from home. It was really early but I liked it. We worked hard and had fun.

Do get on well with all the actors?
Dan: Absolutely! My friend, most of all, is Matthew Lewis, who plays Neville.

What do you do when not working?

Dan: I love going out with friends, listening to some music and reading. Actually, and for you who are from Argentina (the reporter), I can tell you I have read A Tale's Book from Jorge Luis Borges "El Aleph". I loved all the stories but one "el zahir" (who spells in spanish!) is my favourite.

I can't believe you
Dan: I'm most interested in the language he uses.

Have you read it in Spanish?
Dan: No! I know a little of Spanish...

Dan: I chose English bands with guitars, as Mystery Jets.

Do you date someone?

Dan: No..

Is it hard for you to have a girlfriend?
Dan: Being famous does not make it easier or harder, I had a girlfriend but not anymore.
Dan: What do you know from Argentina apart from Borges?
Dan: It was a pity for me that its football team lost the World Cup last year, because I thought it was one of the best teams. I know Buenos Aires is the Capital City. I'd love to visit the country some day.

To promote the films?
Dan: No!! To visit and enjoy my holidays.

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