15 June 2007

Scan: Hitkrant magazine (NL)

Een nieuwe foto van Daniel is gepubliceerd met een interview in Hitkrant magazine nummer 24, 16 juni 2007 (promotie voor Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).

Credit danieljradcliffe.tk als je de foto gebruikt (op de foto staat de oude site URL)

Picture: Dennys Ilic
Styling: Dhav Naidu
Art Direction Paul Zivic

The interview translation by www.danieljradcliffe.tk

What would you like to do, but you don’t really can do because you are to famous for that? Going to the pub and 15 shots of Wodka. I can’t do that because the next day I will be with my drunk face in all magazines.

You love alternative bands, Can you visit concerts?

Yes, because the people who are there are just coming for the music. They barely know who I am, and they don’t care that “Harry Potter” is enjoying himself right next to them. I was at a large concert from Radiohead in London and I wasn’t even recognized once.

What do you do when you get followed by Paparazzi
 I wave friendly, so that they can make their’e picture and after that they don’t think it’s interesting anymore. Are you never afraid that so called “friends” are going to sell storys to gossip magazine’s? Even better: one of my friends has been asked . He could get a huge amount of money for it as he could make a picture of me sniffing cocaine. I was really shocked. Of course he didn’t do that. And when that so-called “friends” do that, they can’t caught me on something shocking.

Do girls pretend like they are your girlfriend?

Yes.. loads of times. They say that they are Mrs Radcliffe to get somewhere in. There was a girl who had a board with says: “Mrs Radcliffe here” My mum saw that and thought: “hey. But I am Mrs Radcliffe, right?” She doesn’t know that her little boy is now a object of lust.

If you could spread a rumour about yourself, which one would it be?

The gossip magazines can write that I have a secret relation with Scarlet Johansson. I think she’s so pretty, but she probably barely knows who I am. Can’t you just arrange something?

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