18 June 2007

BEI is 1 year - Dan enjoys time off

Blue Eyed Innocence is 1 year today! And Daniel is enjoying his time off on the Cricket field. There are pictures from The Sun but Im not going to publish them because these photos are personal. I hope you all will understand.

Update: what do you think of changing the name blueeyedinnocence.tk into danieljacobradcliffe.tk ?? (I have my reasons for it) comment please..

3 reacties:

I love this blog. Thanks for all news and congratulation!!!!

Yes, change the name. it´s okay, because the blog is pure daniel :)
And by the way - this site is amazing! always up to date. Thanks!

Thanks for the great comments!! :D I'm going to change my main site into www.danieljradcliffe.tk ;)
The Url from Rad News stays the same :D