09 June 2007

Equus/Birthday Project

Today is the last day for Dan in Equus.. I hope that many of you have seen it.. because the play is great! I wish Daniel good luck tonight, and I know he is not going to read it, but Daniel: Thanks for this wonderful experience! Want to add something? comment please!

Daniel's Army! Dit is gebaseerd op Dumbledores Army uit de komende Potter film. Het idee is: je opent het programma Paint en:
* tekent daarin met een verfkwast je naam (kleur zwart,met achternaam)
* stuurt dat plaatje naar mij over de mail (zie mailadres hieronder)
* je voegt je leeftijd en land waar je woont toe.
* eventueel met een kort berichtje aan Daniel gericht.
(misschien kan ik niet alles vermelden ligt aan hoeveelheid aanmeldingen)
* Ik voeg alles bijelkaar als een soort verslag en stuur dat naar Dan om zo te laten zien dat we hem steunen (symbolisch)

Daniel's Army!
This idea is based on Dumbledores Army from the upcoming Potter movie. This is the case if you want to join: * open the programm Paint on your computer.
* get the paintbrush and write your name. (in colour black with your surname)
* send that pic to my mail adress (under this article)
* Send em also your age and country.
* if you like you can add a short message to Daniel.
(maybe I can't add all the messages or I have to short them, depending the amount of people who join)
* I'l add everything together and send it to Daniel.. to let him know that we support him together. (symbolical)

It's going to be kinda like this:

You send me your name like this:

Wanna join Daniel's Army? or you have questions? please e-mail

You can enter til 15th July

22 reacties:

Wow its a great idea to support our hero:)

Thanks :) Are you going to join then?? or have you already joined the group?? ;)

Um....I really want 2 do this, but how do I do this, WA!!!! I want 2 support Dan's birthday. GBRRRR...Some1 tell me how...please? thanx Josie

Hi Josie,

You have the programm Paint right??
Just write your name like the example above and send that image to me at my e-mial address (also above) together with your age and country..

If you want you can also send a (short) message with it for Dan... ;)

if you have stil questions.. comment or mail please :)

hi you send me to here in myspace this idea is great but like why paint and not word?

because in paint you can "write" your name.. so it looks like a real autograph.. ;)

so I hope you will join.. ;)


Kelly Diana Grammar??
yes I have you on the list ;)

Yes Kelly Diana Grammer that right. Thanks Marion.

I just wanted to say that I think this is an awesome idea. I am going to send you my picture and message as soon as I can.

I almost forgot, that I couldn't click on your email, every time I did it would say I needed some 25 digit number, and I don't have one. So I had to send the picture and everything through Hotmail, and I hope I did everything right. I hope he gets it.

why couldn't you click on my e-mail?? that's weird :S you can send it to
(I prefer the first one)

I really Like the Idea
I will join :D
I have send my name to marionpotter@hotmail.com
Because I couldn't send it to
the other e-mail
I hope you will get it..
Thank you Marion

Hi Hannan,

i have your mail. thanks for joining! ;)

Hey marion,
I was just wondering if you could give us an example of what size message we should write, because i'm trying to decide whether my message is too long.

Thankyou very much.


Hi Lauren,

If it is too long I can short it in maybe.. just a few secente's are enough..so if you could get that would be great :P (I know it's hard)

Im sorry :P I mean sentence's ofcourse :)

Hi! this is great that you do this kind a thing! I join in! Hope you did get my mail?

Love, Anni

You can join by writing your name in paint and send that to me with your age and country.. you have to be quick.. this is the last day to join..

Yes! were do i send my nime? that email address?