Q magazine: Groupies, casual sex and "little Daniel" (UK)

Q magazine's interview with Daniel (via danradcliffe.com)

Q: “Did you have to warm up little Dan before going on stage for the first time in Equus?”
A: “Well, this is the thing. Because I’m on stage the whole time, you can’t, as my friend put it, “get some blood into it”. So no, you have to go there and cope with everything going very shy in front of 950 people. After the first two shows you just don’t care anymore, which is a weird thing. Joanna Christie [Equus co-star], who plays Jill, she’s naked as well, so I have something to distract myself with at least, because she is very beautiful. Was there ever any unexpected excitement? No, not at all. A mate asked me,”Did you grow during rehearsals?” I said,” Well, I came on in a certain way but I think the acting will grow more during the process.” He said, “No, I meant did you get an erection?” Oh! Well, no.”

Q: “What are the Harry Potter groupies like? Are there a lot of older women that want to Mother you?”
A:” I wouldn’t say mother [laughs]. Harry Potter groupies……I wouldn’t call them that, really, because they’re really sweet and a lot of them are quite innocent and very young. I don’t really have groupies per se.”

Q:” If they did a porn rip-off of Harry Potter, what do you think it would be called?”
A:” Probably something unoriginal like Harry Porno. The Philosopher’s Bone? Very Good! Harry potter and the Secret Chamber, perhaps. [Comes out with a filthier suggestion but insists it remain off the record] My friend said there’s a German one. He might just be lying, but he said I was played by someone with a massive handlebar mustache.”

Q: “I heard you write poetry. Can you give me a couple of stanzas?”
A: “Absolutely not. I do write poetry but I don’t think it is good enough yet to be aired to anybody. I did send it off to a couple of people that I really, really admire. Who? Tony Harrison, who’s an amazing Leeds poet, and also to Stephen Fry. They both sent back really positive responses, but I’ve got a lot of work to do. Have I ever given poetry to a girl? I did once give a sonnet to somebody, which they really liked. Have you heard this song by Scroobius Pip and Dan Le Sac [Thou Shalt Always kill]? There’s a line in it that goes something like, “Thou shalt not use poetry, art or music to get into girls’ pants/ Use it to get into their heads.”

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