13 July 2007

Entertainment Weekly photoshoot

Entertainment Weekly magazine has Daniel as Harry on the cover of their new issue, they posted a set report online (see below) and there is also a new photoshoot featuring Daniel, Emma and Rupert in a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix setting.
Daniel Radcliffe watches all this, transfixed. He has worn Harry Potter's famous scar on his forehead since he was 11, but only lately, he feels, has he begun to grow from a mere photogenic kid into a full-fledged actor, and he's in awe of Oldman's mastery. ''I'm at a stage now where I'm ready to be pushed further by a director,'' he says. Radcliffe is 17, two years older than his character. His eyes, always plaintive, look strikingly large without Harry's signature glasses. ''David wants everything to be real and detailed,'' he says. ''So if I'm doing, say, a quite general sense of fear, he'll come up and quietly say, 'I think you can do it better, Dan.' He'll be completely frank with me. I don't think there's been a moment on set this time where I've walked away after a scene and thought I didn't give it my all.''

A few hours later, Oldman has nailed his scene, decompressed, and begun bantering naughtily with his castmates. ''Have you noticed,'' he asks Isaacs, ''how long my wand is?'' ''Yes,'' Isaacs volleys back, ''it expands in the warm, doesn't it?'' Radcliffe listens and grins broadly. He asks Oldman for advice on a tough role he's signed on for in Equus, a London revival of Peter Shaffer's 1973 play about a troubled stable boy, for which Radcliffe will appear naked eight times a week. ''You'll have to shave,'' Oldman tells him. Radcliffe's wide eyes open even wider: ''What — down there?'' Oldman nods, eyes closing. ''Especially down there.''

source: ew.com
picture source: James Dimmock

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