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This is already the fifth Harry Potter movie: how much has your life changed since the last couple of years?? (this was an interview with Daniel, Emma and Ron)
Daniel: “If everybody told me seven years ago how great the Harry Potter circus would be I would never believed it. My life hasn’t (besides the fact it’s more hectic) changed that much. It could be so much more different. I could be very arrogant. But it is all about the people you have around you. I have asked my friends and family to be 100% honest to me and that keeps you with both legs to the ground.”

The last Harry Potter-book is coming, then we will know how it ends with harry, hermione and Ron. How do you see your character end?
Daniel: I don’t have any specific ideas about it. I can come up with something exciting, but JK Rowling will be coming with a plot that’s much better.

Are you waiting in a queue yourself for getting the newest book and sneaky reading the last page?
Daniel: I ordered mine already on Amazon, and I hope I will get a discount for saying this, hahah! I don’t think I’m going to read the end first, my grandma does that always and tells everything. So annoying!

Daniel, you were on stage naked in the play Equus, wasn’t that awfully scary? And were Emma and Rupert allowed to watch?
Daniel: Oh sure, I’d never banned somebody out of the theatre. Ofcourse it was scary, but also a great experience. If you have appeared naked to thousands of people you can do anything!

Harry gets in this movie his first kiss. After that he gets to Ron and Hermione to tell and they get a discussion about kissing. Did you recognized that?
Daniel: yes. Boys and Girls will never understand each other completely. For me girls are one big mystery! Tell a bit more about the moviekiss Daniel..Daniel: Tja what can I say.. it was odd. For Katie and me both was it our first movie kiss. The expections were very high, because everybody was waiting for the first kiss from Harry. That all maked us very nervous. But after the first takes we started to get fun in it. In all magazines they said that I screwed up the take thirty times, because I liked kissing. That’s ofcourse not true, they had to film from different camera positions. But Ididn’t mind!

Is it true that you all liked each other during the first Harry Potter movie?
Daniel: ofcourse, I liked Emma the first time, but I hadn’t the guts to tell her.

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