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Parade magazine interview (US)

Parade magazine interview in promotion of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

All your secrets are out. I’ve now been told that you’re the funniest one on the set and you should have your own stand-up act.
Who has lied to you and told you that? I don’t know, but I’m very flattered. I could never do stand-up because it’s that thing of having to get up on stage. And out of every 10 jokes you tell, nine of them have to get a really good response. I don’t think I could do that. If I didn’t get a big laugh every time, I might wither.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix there are lots of flashbacks. How did it feel watching yourself mature on screen.
Well, I haven’t grown much, have I? I’m not much taller. But it is amazing to notice how much we’ve all changed. I went to a screening with an audience, and when the shots of young me came on screen some girls in the crowd went “Ooooh, cute!” I slid down in my seat. It was soul destroying. You have to remember that Harry Potter is not Peter Pan. The good thing is that he gets to grow up. In some of the early movies I sound like I’m on helium, if we’re being honest.
There was a lot of talk about your first movie kiss, which is in this film.
Oh, it was horrible … just kidding. Katie, who plays Cho Chang, is wonderful. She and I were awkward in the first tries, but once we got it right we had a good time.

Which was harder: that or being totally naked on stage in Equus?
The scene right after the kiss scene turned out to be fun because we all got the giggles. You can actually see that in the movie—they kept rolling. Being nude in the theater every night in Equus was a lot harder, but I would never have given up the chance to do such a great play with such great people. It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I love Harry, but I want people to realize that I have chosen to be an actor.

I hear you’ve developed an aversion to broomsticks.
I keep kidding that this movie is my favorite because there is no Quidditch. I love to avoid scenes where I ride on a broomstick for obvious reasons. I want to have children in the future. So, because of the reduction of the broom-riding scenes, that may be possible. For the sake of my future reputation, I should clear this up: Riding a broomstick can be a little uncomfortable, but they gave me pants with padding in the right places.

But there are scenes with plenty of action. Do you think, “I’m Indiana Jones, I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger?”
Bruce Willis with a sword. I pick him because he’s so cool. He’s a great action star, and he’s a fantastic actor, as well.

Everyone is looking for lessons in the Potter movies, what’s the take-away from The Order of the Phoenix?
For Harry, it’s about sticking to your guns. If something is true and right, then you can’t let yourself be compromised by other people and outside forces.

Do you believe in magic?
One-hundred percent. Yeah. Harry has inspired a lot of people—including me.

source: parade.com

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14th June 2011
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