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Interview by Austria's film magazine Skip in promotion of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

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SKIP: Naked on the theater stage. Your appearance in Equus made headlines not only in London. The first step to escape Harry Potter?
Daniel Radcliffe: The piece is great. That's why I did it. Of course it suits me that at least part of the audience can see me in a different way. At some point, Harry Potter is over - and then I do not want to be a former child star who only lives in his past.

Are not you afraid that the abrupt change of roles could upset your fans?

Daniel Radcliffe: Oh, nonsense. Nor do people ask Tobey Maguire in The Good German where he left his Spider-Man costume.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix certainly have the most dramatic story of all the previous parts of the series - which has a particular impact on your role.

Daniel Radcliffe: Our director David Yates even put a funeral work expert on the film set so I can understand what Harry Potter is going through in this difficult situation. That was important to me because, personally, such tragic experiences are still foreign to me, thank God. I have not lost any of my family members yet. I am very grateful for that.

What findings did the grief expert help you with?

Daniel Radcliffe: It was a woman. She spoke of the guilt of the survivor. Harry is going through a phase where he can not shake the feeling that it is he who should have died. I now understand what post-traumatic stress is. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it's ultimately about the loss of innocence. For the first time, Harry is confronted with the bad side of humanity.

Everyone's talking about Harry's first kiss. How is a real smack different from a film kiss?

Daniel Radcliffe: Real kisses are much more exciting. When shooting a movie, you only think about technical things like posture, camera angle and just not to cover the face of the partner with your own nose. Nothing against Katie Leung - it was a nice kiss, she can kiss well, and says so about me - but a real kiss is a lot more exciting.

Your partner was supposedly terribly nervous in front of the kiss scene ...

Daniel Radcliffe: We were both terribly nervous! But after a few takes, the nervousness subsides and it becomes a normal working day. It was reported in a London newspaper that we had to shoot 30 different shots because I wanted to kiss Katie as long as possible. All I can say is this: never let a good story ruin the truth !!!

I read somewhere that Gary Oldman personally attacked you during the shoot. Is that right?

Daniel Radcliffe: I had serious problems with a very important scene where Harry sees his friend Sirius Black die. Gary asked if it would be okay if he met me physically. I thought he was going to hug me, but instead he shook me for 30 seconds. Then the cameras started running and I started to cry. Since then, everyone wants to shake me all the time, if I can not handle a scene perfectly at the first attempt.

Since you were ten years old, you are Harry Potter. Sounds like lost childhood ...

Daniel Radcliffe: That's not true. I had a healthy, happy childhood. There is no set standard to measure a normal childhood. I have not missed anything. Of course, I had to grow up faster than other children.

Two more Potter films, then it's over with hocus-pocus. Are you sad for the foreseeable future?
Daniel Radcliffe: The last Potter movie will hit theaters in 2010, then I'll be working in the Hogwarts universe for 10 years. Of course it is sad, but it is also a nice memory.

Joanne K. Rowling has promised a prominent death for the closing band. Will that be Harry Potter? What do you think?
Daniel Radcliffe: To be honest, I have not the slightest idea. The secrecy is perfect, they tell me nothing. But with us in England you can get quite good odds in the betting shops if you count on the death of Harry Potter. Personally, I do not mind. It would be great if there could be a significant and heroic death at the end of Harry Potter.


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