26 August 2007

Movie Tie-In edition of The December Boys

Here's the cover of the Movie Tie-In edition of The December Boys by Australian writer Michael Noonan (The film title is December Boys). The book is published by UK's Catnip Publishing Ltd on 24th August 2007 and Australia's University of Queensland Press on 7th August 2007.

Pages: 238 pages
ISBN-10 1846470471
ISBN-13 9781846470479

ISBN: 9780702235764
ISBN-10: 0702235768

In the late 1960s, four orphan boys go for a holiday by the sea on the South Australian coast. Since they share the same birth month, the orphanage calls them December boys. But these teens--Maps, Spit, Spark and Misty--have much more in common. With no hopes of ever joining a family, they form their own familial bonds. Then the unexpected news comes that a young couple may adopt one of them, and the long-time pals suddenly share something else: a rivalry to be the chosen one.

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