07 September 2007

Los Angeles Times interview

The Los Angeles Times talked with Daniel on the phone from Ireland where he's playing Rudyard Kipling's son, Jack, in My Boy Jack to discuss December Boys and more.

About his dogs
On this late afternoon, he is lamenting that his two border terriers aren't with him. "They're brilliant," he says. "I miss my dogs."

What motivates him?
"It's not the money that motivates me," Radcliffe says. "It's working. You try to gain as much knowledge as you possibly can and you get to meet loads of different people and different crews. It's incredibly exciting."

December Boys
He was immediately drawn to the script. "It was a character that wasn't in any way like Harry. This would be a good way to challenge myself and show myself I could do something different, let alone anyone else. And the idea of filming in a different country. . . . It was a totally new experience."

More sexual themes (Equus, December Boys)

"I don't think I consciously search for love scenes, but I think it's slightly disingenuous if I went through my teen years doing things that didn't reflect anything to do with teenagers. I don't think people would believe it."

source: latimes.com