Moviefone AIM interview

Moviefone interviewed Daniel on AIM in promotion of December Boys. They talk about his cat icon but also “Charlie don’t surf” and more.

MoviefoneTricia: hi daniel, how are you?
decboydaniel: i am very well, how are you?!
MoviefoneTricia: pretty good
decboydaniel: and why do you have a sheep for your picture (AIM icon)?
MoviefoneTricia: oh, it’s a long story… i actually took that picture in new zealand
MoviefoneTricia: when i was fascinated by all the sheep
decboydaniel: very nice
MoviefoneTricia: and why do you have a cat for yours?
decboydaniel: i wasn’t aware i had a cat for mine and i’m not a cat person really
MoviefoneTricia: oh, hee
MoviefoneTricia: are you a dog person, or neither?
decboydaniel: yes, i love dogs!
MoviefoneTricia: oh me too. we’ll get along fine
decboydaniel: that’s good news we won’t be killing each other by the end of the interview then.
MoviefoneTricia: well, we’ll see… we’ll see
MoviefoneTricia: so here’s what i was wondering: do you always go by daniel, or is it ever dan? or some other nickname?
decboydaniel: dan most of the time
decboydaniel: anything but danny, because people sing “danny boy” to me
MoviefoneTricia: ha, i’ll bet
MoviefoneTricia: i hate the nickname patty
MoviefoneTricia: with a passion
decboydaniel: i think “patty with a passion” sounds good
MoviefoneTricia: hee… that’ll be my band name
decboydaniel: what would your album be called?
MoviefoneTricia: wait, i’m supposed to be asking you the questions — what would YOUR band name be?
decboydaniel: my band name would be a line from apocalypse now, which is “charlie don’t surf”
MoviefoneTricia: oh that’s awesome
MoviefoneTricia: you should copyright it
MoviefoneTricia: before someone takes it
decboydaniel: i already have®
MoviefoneTricia: nice
MoviefoneTricia: let’s talk about the movie
decboydaniel: wonderful
MoviefoneTricia: first off, in this movie, you smoke, drink, have sex and moon somebody, and then of course there was equus — are you consciously trying to distance yourself from harry potter, or is it just a coincidence?
MoviefoneTricia: meaning, a coincidence that these roles were a little more scandalous
decboydaniel: it is not that i want to totally dismiss harry, because i am so proud of playing him and of the films. but, i just want to establish myself as an actor, rather than as a character.
decboydaniel: and these roles are giving me a chance to branch out
MoviefoneTricia: what’s it like doing a sex scene? i’ve heard it’s not that exciting really
decboydaniel: when i have seen films before, it does always look so exciting and sexy, but in reality it is just as clinical as doing any other scene.
decboydaniel: as you can imagine, i was bitterly disappointed.
MoviefoneTricia: heh
MoviefoneTricia: oh come on, she (Teresa Palmer) was hot!
decboydaniel: yes, that is why i was disappointed, as i’d imagined it would be — but she is totally beautiful
MoviefoneTricia: she is — certainly worthy of you
decboydaniel: slightly out of my league i think
MoviefoneTricia: oh, at this point i think not
decboydaniel: patricia, you tease!
MoviefoneTricia: no! you wouldn’t believe how many people are excited i’m doing this interview with you
MoviefoneTricia: was there ever a point in the last few years where you realized, holy cow, i’m famous?
decboydaniel: it is something that you never really get used to. it can be very surreal at times.
decboydaniel: i was once wearing a snood, which only shows your eyes, because it was so cold out, and i was recognized by the people sitting behind on a roller coaster.
MoviefoneTricia: wow, that’s… a little freaky
MoviefoneTricia: snood is definitely a british term i think
MoviefoneTricia: what is that? like a hoodie?
decboydaniel: it is kind of like a hoodie, but it covers more of your face.
MoviefoneTricia: so used by gangsters and such, then
MoviefoneTricia: and celebrities
decboydaniel: yes, and i am both
MoviefoneTricia: ha – i just laughed out loud
MoviefoneTricia: what was the biggest difference between doing the harry potter films and this little indie?
decboydaniel: not much really – when you are on a film that people are passionate about, it will always simply involve a group of people pulling together to make the best film they possibly can.
decboydaniel: so the atmosphere was pretty much the same
decboydaniel: though the crew was obviously a lot smaller.
MoviefoneTricia: and fewer trolls and things
decboydaniel: yes, fewer trolls but more orphans
MoviefoneTricia: yes, you always seem to play orphans
MoviefoneTricia: what’s up with that?
decboydaniel: it is really just a coincidence, but i got to the point in the script where i found there were orphans involved and i let out a slight groan.
MoviefoneTricia: ha
MoviefoneTricia: next you’ll be in little orphan annie
decboydaniel: yes, i can picture myself in that wig
MoviefoneTricia: totally! i like it
decboydaniel: and the dress
MoviefoneTricia: please send me a picture when you do this
MoviefoneTricia: and what’s your favorite memory of this exhausting summer?
decboydaniel: good question
decboydaniel: learning to touch type as fast as this
MoviefoneTricia: yes, it’ll be useful later in life
MoviefoneTricia: do you IM much?
decboydaniel: no, i don’t but i am told there are a few imposter daniel radcliffe myspace sites.
MoviefoneTricia: i’ll have to check those out
MoviefoneTricia: you should put one up
MoviefoneTricia: and see if people can tell it’s you
decboydaniel: it’ll be like when charlie chaplin came in third place, in a charlie chaplin look-a-like contest.
MoviefoneTricia: really? is that true?
MoviefoneTricia: i’d never heard that
decboydaniel: on my life.
MoviefoneTricia: wow, you’re a fount of information
MoviefoneTricia: are your publicists screaming for you to finish?
decboydaniel: yes, in a word.
MoviefoneTricia: k, parting thoughts?
MoviefoneTricia: what do you want on your tombstone, so to speak
decboydaniel: my name and dates.
decboydaniel: just like everybody else.
decboydaniel: and spike milligan had written on his tombstone “i told you i was ill”
MoviefoneTricia: i laughed again just now
MoviefoneTricia: that’s brilliant
decboydaniel: he was very very brilliant
MoviefoneTricia: well thanks for chatting today, dan (if i may)
decboydaniel: thank you for having me
MoviefoneTricia: take care!
decboydaniel: bye!


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