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The German website Bild had an exclusive interview with Daniel just after his 18th birthday.

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The day after his 18th birthday, the world's most famous teenager woke up alone. Without a girl. Without a hangover. I looked in the bathroom mirror and thought: Now you are grown! I had to grin ... "He opens the door of the hotel suite" Berkeley "from inside:

No glasses, no cape. Red Che Guevara Joke T-Shirt ("I hate him!"). "Absolute Joy" jeans. White Converse basketball shoes. Slim, slim, lively. Short, tangled hair, swaying, bushy eyebrows, James Dean smile: "Do you want a Coke Zero, too?"

BILD: How does one feel at 18? 
Dan Radcliffe: "Fairly normal, my favorite poison: the Playstation 3. I could buy a bike now, but I'm afraid. I gave myself a painting by US artist Jim Hodge. I celebrated with a great friend four days at the cricket game England-India. I was allowed to talk to the players ... my 21st birthday will surely be more evil. "

For 10 years he met 10,000 people to "Harry Potter". At 17, 30 million came into his account. His face is the most famous in the world ("Underground can not neef!"). Private sets a stinking standard. Lives with his parents. Is music addictive. From Chuck Berry to Beethoven. Dooes not buy anything expensive. Writes letters - on the computer. Has no email, no Blackberry, does not want an iPhone ("I felt afraid to lose all backed-up information."). Last year he did quit with school (private teacher).

Do you believe in God? 

"No, but i do in evolution."

In love?
"Yes - with the girls! But not in one, I'm single."

How did you read the last "Potter" book?

Happy that I do not have to die, I started with the epilogue: Harry gets his kids on the train to Hogwarts The book is so great because you can not "betray" the plots. "

What are you dreaming of?
"From life to Harry Potter, I want to prove myself, I also want to be a father someday, but do not write now that I want to marry, I'm still too young."

BILD is sitting with Harry to make his first anti-Harry Potter movie: "December Boys":
"I liked this story because it's so easy."

Australia. Four orphan boys celebrate Christmas with a host family by the sea. One of the four friends should be adopted ...

It's about growing up. To dreams, hope, friendship, first love (he is seduced by a blonde in a cave). To the faith, to the magic of life and death. A movie for all Harry Potter fans who want to grow up.

He smokes (not private). He kisses. He loves. He cries. The end of childhood. A little movie with big emotions.

How was the first kiss?
"I know, she knows, but nobody else."

He smiles. He folds his hands, plays with a cricket ball.

Two more Harry movies - then you're free?
Then I was 10 years of my life Harry Then I want to be a great actor I want to be a Broadway theater star I would like to shoot with your star Daniel Brühl ('Good Bye Lenin', 'Bourne Ultimatum'), what I really appreciate, or with Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck ('The Lives of Others').

We cheer with ringing ice cubes "Good Bye". He wants to work, although he would never have to work anymore. He wants to grow, learn, play, live, laugh. He gets up at 7 am, eats muesli, listens to pop with iPod and reads Josef Conrad and plays with his two Border Terriers (10 and 7).


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14th June 2011
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