04 October 2007

Kids' Choice Awards videos: Rupert & Daniel

Kids' Choice Awards promotional videos. Daniel is nominated for Best Movie Actor in Harry Potter. The awards show will premiere on Nickelodeon, Saturday 27th October at 11am, on Sunday 28th October at 2pm on MTV Hits and on Saturday 3rd November at 9am on TMF.

And Rupert Grint wants you to vote for him instead of Daniel..

source: nick.co.uk


Thank you, Marion, for all your hard work ! I can see no one is writing you any comments, but these Dan news truly mean the world to me, and you're so dedicated to him, passionate about him i wanted you to know that you're doing a wonderful job.
Thank you for uploading and updating this often ! :D

Keep up the good work! Cheers,

Hi Sassy,

Im really happy to hear this from you :) not much people do give comment, but I do get pretty much visitors.. :P but it's still great to get a comment once in a while..

and im now trying to do my best even more! ;) Thank you :D