25 October 2007

Scans: Bravo magazine (DE)

I found some new photos from the December Boys shoot in Australia. These are from the German magazine Bravo with an interview. If you want me to translate it let me know.

Please credit danieljradcliffe.tk if you use them, thanks


Oh thank you very much for these scans. I'm too old to sell the BRAVO ^^. The pictures are so sweet! I wish, it would be bigger and in HR quality...

yeah I know they aren't that good.. Il ty'd to make good ones but I don't have a scanner..:P
maybe il try it once again ..;)

No no, it´s okay. ;) I mean the picture only. The photoshoot is so cute. *ggg*

Thanks for posting those wonderful scans :)

Have a good day !

oh.. if you mean the pictures.. :) yeah I hope for better ones to :P
and thnx for the comment cherry, have a good day to!