Westdeutsche Zeitung interview

Interview with Daniel by the German Westdeutsche Zeitung in promotion of December Boys.

Translation by www.danieljradcliffe.tk

Dusseldorf. Mr. Radcliffe, are you nervous about the fact that "December Boys" is your first movie after five "Harry Potter" episodes?
Radcliffe: A little bit!
But I'm not trying to think about it too much. When you start reading all the reviews, you become neurotic. And the world really does not need any more neurotic actors!
Was the work on "December Boys" a big change?
Radcliffe: No, not at all.
The biggest difference was that in "Harry Potter" you need the entire movie to learn all the names of the participants. Everyone knows about "December Boys" in a few days, because the crew is much smaller.

But no matter how big or small the budget is, all the movie sets are probably equally chaotic. It was great to shoot in Australia - the people are crazy nice there!
Her colleagues in "December Boys" are three guys who are much younger. What did you say?
Radcliffe: Very exciting.
In "Harry Potter" I was always one of the youngest on the set. And now, suddenly, I was one of the elders and felt I had to take care of the boys. I liked being treated like an adult.

In "December Boys" you play an orphan again.
Radcliffe: Maps is even my third role as an orphan.
The first was David Copperfield, then came Harry Potter. So I have a lot of experience with orphan roles. I have good friends who lost their parents very young. Through her, I know what it's like to grow up without parents.

"December Boys" is also about the first great love. How much experience do you need to play this role?
Radcliffe: As much experience as I have had.
(laughs) That makes this movie so beautiful: Everyone has a time in their lives, which is marked by the first love. I am no exception!

Has your popularity made it difficult to develop "normal" relationships?
Radcliffe: I think in the beginning, many see Harry Potter.
But then they realize that I'm more than the actor who plays Harry Potter. It's not so much the popularity that influences my social life, it's just the work! I travel often - you can not see your girlfriend as often as you want.

Can you go out as a peer without causing mass hysteria in the clubs?
Radcliffe: I'm not going to clubs anyway.
I hate clubs and their music. Awful!

What are your plans for the future: studying or acting school?
Radcliffe: You go to the university to meet people and explore what you want to do afterwards.
But I already know what I want to do: handle and write. And I get to know people from all over the world. What the university can offer me, I come to the film industry.

Are you also writing?
Radcliffe: Yes, especially poems.
But I will not publish it in the foreseeable future.

Did you like the last Harry Potter book?
Radcliffe: I loved it!
I knew the end of reading because I talked to Joanne K. Rowling about a year ago, and yet I really liked the book! Soon the shoot for Harry Potter 6 will begin. I look forward to it.

Will it be a relief after all seven "Harry Potter" movies are turned off?
Radcliffe: Yeah, I do not do that secretly.
It will be exciting and certainly intimidating to suddenly find myself again in a Harry Potter-free world. So far I knew, no matter what I do, I keep going back to Harry Potter.

source: wz.de

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