15 December 2007

Equus portraits by André Durand

André Durand, a famous Canadian artist, has revealed in a press release that he has painted portraits of Dan from Equus. His works were unveiled in a private viewing at the London Zoo on 29th November for a fundraising event for Demelza House, the Hospice for Children. The paintings of Dan were exhibited along side of the "Daniel in The Lion's Den" exhibit.

Quoted directly from the article:
"A series of coincidences have weaved themselves together to create this fascinating celebration of Durand’s art and the Asian lions in the London zoo, which will help raise funds for the children’s hospice Demelza, based in Kent and South London. Daniel Weston, who posed as Daniel the prophet in Durand’s epic portrayal of one of the Old Testament’s most iconic stories – shares his name with the main subject of the story of DANIEL IN THE LIONS’ DEN. Daniel Weston also has the same name as one of Demelza’s patrons – the film starand loyal supporter of the charity Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe is coincidentally now the subject of Durand’s newest allegory, EQUUS. In one of the studies for EQUUS, Daniel Radcliffe is captured in a dramatic moment of transformation from boyhood to manhood."

source: durand-gallery.com


Whoaaaa...that first one is whooo!!