30 June 2008

Broadhurst Theatre ready for Equus

Here some photos from the Broadhurst Theatre marquee for Equus. Photos via danradcliffe.com

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Man!! I looked up prices online and it seems that I won't be able to go to NYC. I know I really want to but.....yeah. I'm disappointed. But at least Dan still knows that I'll always be his #1 fan.

so you can't go?? :( what a pity..
I was hoping you could go, so there would be at least one of us to to support him ....:P lol

well true.. going or not.. that doens't change a thing.. well not to me I also can't go now :P

Yeah. It's 150 bucks a ticket. That's half of what I make in a 2 week paycheck. Plus I have to pay to fly out there and pay to stay in NYC for a couple of days. I absolutely have no money to do that. I hope Dan understands. I hope you understand too. :(

oh ofcourse I understand!! c'mon..
I also can afford that! :P it costs also for me way to much money to go to NY... London was okay.. (but was also pretty expensive..)

and im sure Dan will understand.. well I think he wil :)

I JUST bought our tickets online! They were $116.50 through Telecharge. We got Orchestra seats THIRD ROW FROM THE STAGE! YEAH! We are seeing the 8pm show on 02.04.09. It looks to be the last show offered...

congratulations katie! :)
I hope you will have a great time there!