14 October 2010

Updated: Photos: The Woman in Black filming on location

Daniel and cast and crew have been filming on several locations for The Woman in Black. Below you find some articles and pictures.

Update: 31st March 2014. Another photo via this site's Facebook and also one posted on 3rd March 2014.
- About Ellisa Walker-Reid, thisiskent.co.uk, (article from 2012, see photo above)
- Mangapps Railway Museum, Burnham, October 2010

Colne Valley Railway
, Halstead, 14 October 2010.
A photo via their Facebook page.
Today saw the arrival of a crew from Hammer Films. The makers of classic horror films are shooting The Woman In Black written by Jane Goldman. We have hosted film crews before but this was by far the largest, about 120 people setting up, filming and taking it all down again in 12 hours of hectic activity. The star of the film is Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) who was lovely to talk to, and he took the time at the end of day to come to the office for a chat.
by: Sally Halls

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