07 March 2011

Danieljradcliffe.tk supports JKRFan.com's Birthday Project: Comic Relief

Jkrfan.com contacted me about the Birthday Project they have been setting up for JK Rowling in order to raise money for Comic Relief. I thought this would be a great thing to support, afterall Harry Potter did start with JK Rowling.

Their project has two parts:
1) Showing appreciation for Jo by sending in stories, letters, etc. 
2) Make a donation to Comic Relief!
You can submit your own made story/letter/card to them, ofcourse Harry Potter/JK Rowling related. Another goal they want to reach is raise $1,000 for Comic Relief. They have 5 months to do that. The project will continue until July, then they will send the whole scrapbook with pictures to Jo.
For more information:
Red Nose Day donation account
B-Day Project website
Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK which strives to create a just world free from poverty - and they work 365 days a year to help that vision become a reality. Jo has supported Comic Relief in the past by donating the proceeds from her books Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages to the fund.

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