14 June 2011

Daniel Radcliffe presents at 15th Annual Webby Awards: WWoHP website wins webby

Like I did post before, Daniel was a presenter at the Webby Awards -they honour the best websites on the internet with many topics- yesterday, where he presented the award for Anna Wintour with webby for Best Fashion Website.

The official site of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter won a Webby for Best Tourism Website, congratulations!

picture source: Michael Loccisano

4 reacties:

Is Anna calling Dan a Geek????????

cause he certentally can be chique!!!!

no I don't think she meant him with that speech, I think it's more related to their website.., that's how I see it ;)

maybe she's refering to herself. How big she made it.
(maar waarom spreken wij Engels met elkaar, ha, ha)

yeah I think that can be more the case ;)
(geen idee, hahahah Nederlands mag natuurlijk ook! lol)