27 July 2011

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project 2011 update: It's on it's way!

So.. people.. here the promised update regarding the Birthday Project 2011 which I arranged together with partnersite DanielRadcliffe.de this year. The t-shirt is now on it's way! And I know Mira from DR.de also has posted her package yesterday and actually after his B-Day I know! xD It also takes some time also anyway for Daniel to receive it, so I don't expect an answer really soon also because he is still in NY at the moment and not in London.

I have taken some photos of the t-shirt so you all can get an idea about how it looks with all the words included. (I tried to make the first part like you read an encyclopedia, thought that was quite original)You can see those at the projects page which I have updated. Then now I can only say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has joined, and now we just wait:)

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Great to hear its on its way! I can't wait for Dan to see it :D xx