27 September 2011

Updated: HP the Quest: Daniel Radcliffe & J.K. Rowling discuss Harry Potter

Harry Potter the Quest: released another teaser video of the chat of Daniel with J.K. Rowling which will be featured on the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 DVD/Blu-ray, out this November. They discussed how Dan got the role of Harry Potter.

Update: 9th October 2015. Another clip via iTunes Movies on Twitter.

credit: MTV


I wonder when this interview was taped. judging by the way Dan looks I'd say just when they were still filming DH. It does have the feel of a mother-son conversation.

(oh and ha,ha, orange tulips. All these Dutch things keep popping up)

yes indeed Yvonne! Long live the orange tullips! lol and yeah I also think it's taped during DH's.. but maybe we know it for sure soon :P

Great interview :) so sweet when Jo said she watched Dan on a tape and when Dan was sitting behind David Heyman and Steve Kloves at the theatre and he didn't understand why they were staring at him :P bless him haha x