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Producer Brian Oliver talks The Woman in Black

Collider has posted a new exclusive interview with producer Brian Oliver (President of Cross Creek Pictures) He revealed that the plan with The Woman in Black was to get a movie star and model the film after successful genre horror pics The Sixth Sense and The Others. The producer also said that they almost made The Woman in Black in 3D, but ultimately decided against it.
“We got involved with The Woman in Black early on during the development stage when they were just talking to [director] James [Watkins] and there was no cast.  We all talked about who we felt would be a good person to play that role and we all decided that if you get a movie star to be in a genre horror movie it’s a nice fit. It brings something and then you can market the movie with a movie star, but also the horror movies market themselves.  So we kind of tried to pattern what they did with The Others and Nicole Kidman and what they did with The Sixth Sense and Bruce Willis. We felt that having a legitimate movie star in a genre piece is a nice piece of business.  I actually owe a lot of credit to Simon Oakes, who was very instrumental in getting Daniel Radcliffe attached.  I think that Daniel really liked James and they really had a good meeting.  So I think that it was a blessing.  It is pretty great to have Daniel Radcliffe after the last Harry Potter film in a genre movie.”
Would have been great to see TWIB in 3D.. expecially a horror..but well I think we all will enjoy it anyway!

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  1. Yeh it would of been good to have in in 3D,but it will still be good :)


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