19 November 2011

Daniel Radcliffe: "next role is likely to be a gay character"

While he did promotion for The Woman in Black with International press this week, he said some very interesting quotes about a possible new role in 2012. TÊTU magazine talked with Dan and he said the following.
"The star of Harry Potter released he was "very likely" to play a gay character in a movie to come out in the course of next year. "But I will say no more," he told TÊTU.

Radcliffe prefers to anticipate the hype around this future role: "Many things will be said about the gay thing, but I prefer to say now that this project is much more than that."

As for the prospect of kissing a boy? "I'm not sure that I would like it," he smiles. "But I guess I'll find out."
I personally think it's intersting because it's something so different again