19 January 2012

Another behind the scenes look of Dan Radcliffe's The Woman in Black + new promos

The promotion continues! There is a new The Woman in Black behind the scenes featurette (link opens in a new window, yeah I only provide the link unless you all want me to upload the video to youtube? Let me know) released via IMDB, which shows you more of Dan with Misha and other great scenes. Then also some new stills (click on enlarge). And for all of you who maybe missed it: check the post I made before. I updated that one with a new clip via The Sun.

source: IMDb & bloody-disgusting.com
picture source: Nick Wall

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i love Daniel Radcliffe so much.he is the best.i become so obssessed with him that now i own a small website too danradcliffe fansite and a blog i made for news daniel radcliffe news but my theme is fine.veryfansite i explore have a good theme where do you get this stuff

thank you! and well it's great to see more Dan sites to support him! and well I have gerat sources lol